Ideas for Creating Gothic Look with Shorts

The female Gothic look is usually almost monopolized by skirts and dresses of different length. Many women associated with the elegance and femininity of the Gothic aesthetic with skirts and dresses while pants seem a turn almost exclusively male. Continue reading

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Looks Like the Perfect Wedding Guest Outfit For Men

Raffle – men have it while supposedly easier when choosing a festive outfit, but also mistaken to be too fancy or completely underdressed. Outfittery gives tips for the right dress. Also surprise your partner and win one of three Outfittery vouchers Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy Touch 3:Pink Version in Planning

The Galaxy, note 3 of the South Korean manufacturer Samsung is expected end of October 2013. Allegedly, the large Smartphone, which is also known as Phablet, is offered in a quite extraordinary color. The speech is currently a version in pink. In addition to the standard colors white and black, this so would constitute a first for Samsung. If the Galaxy note 3 in pink will be available but around the world, is not sure at the moment, because often the IT group plans appropriate special models exclusively for specific countries and markets. Continue reading

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Solar Shirt: New T-Shirt Generated Energy

Wearables are of course fashion is trendy and portable technology development. We had already frequently reported in recent months on Modeassecoires and various clothing trends that new technologies in the materials and objects with einweben. Fashion designer Pauline van Dongen presented their latest creation, namely a stylish shirt with integrated solar cells for the production of clean electricity on the road a few days ago on the SXSW Interactive in Austin USA. The flexible solar cells, which are woven into the fabric, could pass for smooth a fabric and patterns without knowing that the new shirt is a shirt of solar. More to the ends of the new energy producing fashion creation by Pauline van Dongen look and as always, you read in this article. Continue reading

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You Know How Many Applications You Have on Your Android? Here Is The Guide to Brag of Statistics…

If you are user of Android from long ago, Surely you’ve downloaded many applications on your mobile phone or tablet, but if you’re curious to know how many are in total, count them by hand is not an option–especially because many of them have removed them some time.

Google Play offers a catalogue of hundreds of thousands of titles, many of them free, and download apps is the bread of every day. If you want know how many apps you have installed since you have Android, Google’s Control Panel is what were looking for. In addition to providing statistics on the use we give to store Google Play, also sample figures use of other services of the brand as Google Drive, Google Photos, Chrome or Google Maps and many others. Continue reading

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Table Decoration: This Will Make Your Dinner An Eye-Catcher

The sweethearts gathered at a table, delicious food, a cheerful atmosphere and good music – sounds like a perfect dinner. This also includes the right table decoration. Opulent, simple, smart or elegant? Read here, with which tricks you make a great table and 10 points from your guests before the meal. Continue reading

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Interesting Fashion Trends That Can Be Combined with the Gothic

As I promised, I present the most interesting fashion trends for next autumn-winter. They are not included all the trends, but only those who think it can be interesting and can be combined with the Gothic aesthetic. It is worth to be vigilant if we thus take us unusual clothes at more affordable prices. Continue reading

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Jersey Bath Woman 2012: Tips To Erase His Faults On The Beach

How well to choose his Jersey bath woman 2012 ? How to erase these small defects which spoil us life?Summer is coming, and you already start to dread the terrible ordeal of the swimsuit? And if for once this difficult time turned into sweet pleasure?Throughout this article, we will give you many tips to erase your faults and be the best in a swimsuit this summer. We have selected several swimwear on the site of the 3 Suisses (link: / sculpting) so that each of you can find the swimsuit of her dreams for this summer. In addition, some models are reductions up to 50%.

Continue reading

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LG G Pad 8.3 LTE version

When you know very little about a device, it’s easy to make us (incorrect) assumptions above: this is the case of V510, LG tablet on which somebody had speculated that it could be a new Nexus (by 8 inch?).

The reality, however, is probably an entirely different and seems much more likely that the device in question is the LTE version of LG G Pad 8.3.

Continue reading

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Zara Clothing Equips With RFID Chips

The clothing with chips provided the Spanish fashion firm Zara, which is represented worldwide with subsidiaries would in the near future. Thus to be determined, where the fashion is currently in a branch. Continue reading

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