Most Dedicated Love Songs In Mexico

We know that music is a key element in our lives. And more if it’s love, as the melodies are found in many of the most significant moments in our lives. Continue reading

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Android 7.1.2 Beta Now Available for Download… Unless You Have a Nexus 6 or 9 Nexus

We have with us the very latest version of Android to date, Android Nougat 7.1.2 in its first beta version. Is not a version that you install on your phone unless you want to take a look before anyone else to what Google is cooking or are plagued by an error from a previous version, in which case it is worth to try if it is solved.

Android 7.1.2 beta comes about two months after the official launch of Android 7.1.1 and is available from the Android Beta program for Pixel, Pixel XL, 5 Nexus devices X, 6 p Nexus, Nexus Player and device Pixel C. Support is lost on the way to the 6 nexus and Nexus 9 (both 2014). Continue reading

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Outdoor LED Spotlights

For LED projectors, it’s always the moment. In winter the night falls early and you need light, summer is the time to install the terraces, to decorate the gardens, to illuminate the trees. We present our range of high performance and small consumption for outdoor LED lights. It is time to move the led!

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2nd Markdown Sale 2012

We are currently in the period 2nd Markdown summer 2012 sales. The second Markdown usually occurs after 1 week of sales. It is manifested by an increase in the number of products on sale or stronger discount rates.

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Custom T-Shirts For Bars

The custom t-bars can have several purposes in an establishment. They can be personal items, resell as merchandising or as promotional gifts. Continue reading

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How to Use Yoga Blocks for Beginners

In addition to the yoga mat well known, there are other tools that you can use during yoga. For example, there are straps, pillows, towels or even blocks. What types of blocks are available and what they are good at all I would like to bring closer to you today.

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The New Nokia Will Be Punctual with Updates to Android, According to HMD

Delays in the updates are the most common problem for many Android users. In fact, currently still There are many terminals that have not received Android Nougat and the adoption of the new version is being very slow, hence manufacturers who are committed to launch the updates in a more timely manner have certain advantage.

For example, the success of bike G series a few years ago was based largely on the integration of pure Android and the relative speed with which came the updates and it seems that Nokia wants to follow the same path. Although there are no specific details on the layer of software that will integrate, HMD, the company responsible for manufacturing, has ensured that his intention is that updates will always point the new Nokia. Continue reading

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Trends in Office Lighting, Would You Look?

Modern office interior lighting.

Reflect the philosophy of the company and combine functionality with energy efficiency, are the essential premises to carry out successfully a project of office lighting. As specialists in this type of interior lighting projects, our study of lighting in Barcelona has developed ambitious projects at offices of different styles (you can read the post about How to illuminate offices with maximum functionality and energy efficiency). In the next article, we give you some practical ideas to illuminate such spaces and create a relaxed and productive work environments.

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How to Tell If a Louis Vuitton Handbag is Fake

Louis Vuitton Malletie is a French fashion house design of leather goods, clothing, joelharia and luxury accessories. The Louis Vuitton brand, along with its symbol, was ranked as the most valuable brand in the world, according to a study by Millward Brown in 2010. Due to the status associated with the brand image, Louis Vuitton is one of the most Counterfeiting in the fashion industry.

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How to Make Shorts from Old Pants

Girls get ready! Summer’s coming, and with it comes also the sets of customized clothing. In fact this style is already being seen for some months now and definitely been doing the greatest success. In this new season is coming, the shorts are with everything and the customized will blow.

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