10 Benefits Of Drinking Water At Work With Your Nalgene Bottle

Probably spend most of the day at work or in class. You know that if the first thing you do each day is to drink a good SIP of water, you will activate to start the day better than ever.

10 Benefits Of Drinking Water At Work With Your Nalgene Bottle

Therefore, that our health care is an issue that may not leave for hours, so that today Polyhobbies brings you 10 reasons why take the water bottle to work is a great idea to improve your health.

1 You Can Start To Drink Water On The Way To Work

As you take it from home, you can start to drink water before arriving at the office.

2. You Start The Day With Energy

As we have already said, drinking on the job helps you start the day with energy, so there is nothing better to start your workday with a smile and with force to power everything.

3 Drinking Water At Work Reduces Stress

Stress causes us mental tiredness, headache and we are lacking of fluids, it is emphasized more. Drink water often and will save the worst work-related stress.

4. You Control The Amount Of Water That You Drink A Day

Do you know how much water you drink each day? Importantly, rather than take the account, is always have a water bottle to go drinking without thinking, in small SIPs, to comply with what they should eat. If you have your own bottle, all of this will be much easier.

5 Drinking Water At Work Makes You Work More And Better

It is shown that drinking water sharpens our focus, we pay better, and that translates into a job better done and in the best conditions. All went out winning in this aspect.

6 Bring Your Own Bottle Of Water Is Much Healthier

Disposable bottles should be never re-use, it is not the purpose with which they are created, which we recommend that you do with a Nalgene water bottle, which is free of BPA, it does not retain odors or flavors and it is very easy to wash, both by hand and in the dishwasher.

7 Drinking Water At Work Prevents Obesity

Drinking water is healthy, and doing so in an environment as we work, where we spend many hours sitting, is essential. It helps to prevent the dreaded weight gain and fluid retention.

8. You Forced To Stay Active In The Office

If whenever you finish your bottle of water you are going to fill it out to your office supply, you’re making a moment of physical activity that otherwise you wouldn’t. Work extended hours sitting is bad, so you are looking for any excuse to get up and walk around.

9 You Can Customize Your Bottle Of Water

If you’re that has your totally personalized work area, with photos, gifts and details that you recall who more you like, make your bottle multi-purposealso special. Put some special stickers, paint it or put a cover. Your water bottle will always accompany you, make it more yours than ever.

10 You Can Take Home Bottle (And Where You Want)

And the best of a multi-use water bottle like Nalgene is that you can take it anywhere. In the morning, at work, at mid-afternoon to the gym or class and at the end of the day home, a quick wash with SOAP and hot water, let it sit overnight and the next day, as new.

Get Your Nalgene Bottle For Drinking Water At Work

Do you carry your Nalgene to work? We have many models of bottles for the work that you will make things easier for drinking water and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Select the Nalgene that more goes with you.