10 Tips for Safety When Walking Down the Street

Some seem a little obvious and others less so, but are tips that you should always keep in mind. Then 10 safety tips when walking down the street.

10 Tips For Safety When Walking Down The Street

Although our home and our work are safe with different security systemsthat we hire to protect us, when we go out on the street we can not take our security cameras that monitor House thing we do.Therefore, to pay attention to the road and always be alert is vital.

  1. To the extent possible, try to not pass through lonely places or low lighting.
  2. Avoid the routine: get out at the same time, go through the same places, etc.
  3. Ride in the direction opposite to the departure of vehicles, as far away as possible from the edge.
  4. Takes only the necessary money and distribute it in your pockets.
  5. Avoid carrying money in the back pocket of his trousers, considers that it is more likely to drop and you miss it.
  6. Pay attention to the entry or exit of public transport, tries to avoid crowds.If someone you encounter it checks if they have removed something.
  7. Scream and ask for relief can intimidate the assailant as well as attract the attention of other people.
  8. If you get to be in danger, try to keep calm and observes the essential features of its aggressor (age, height, hair color, features of his face, nationality, accent when speaking, clothing, direction of flight, usedvehicle, etc.). The more precise is the information, the greater the possibilities for offenders to locate and recover stolen objects.
  9. On leaving a bank or ATM never upload to the first taxi that see.
  10. Immediately after entering a taxi it is advisable to lock all doors, even verifies that the right front door (of the companion of the driver) is also locked.