10 Tips For Winter Shopping!

How to resist so fashion at low temperature ?? Let’s do some’of low-cost shopping to give a nice shot of life to our closet !!!
Here it it’s cold! Like every year you have to redo the closet , see what we have forgotten from winter last year and put into boxes all light stuff !!

10 Tips For Winter Shopping

And then there is the same desire again, to do some of shopping to give a shot of life to our wardrobe, but what to buy looking to spend little ??? Let’s look at look offering the fashion houses lowcost to get an idea !!!!

  • Super eco-fur give a touch of glamor to the look and warm a lot.
  • The fancy pants, printing or leather, but strictlyskinny !  Or ankle, perhaps with an alternative finish like lace.
    ·  S uper abundant sweaters riddled  with printed t-shirts underneath.
  • The fine linen, almost transparent, a must since the last season and all the homes we offer in several versions and in all colors.
  • Coat. If you do not like what you have more, think of something classic that can last for years.
  • The studs! We can be found everywhere in the shoes, in bags, in leather jackets and we also find as pins to put where we want!
  • The men’s boot, as we also saw last year but this year its back big time!
  • Elegant dress, as we had already seen in the summer, is strictly with the  train, even in winter, of course, change the colors that are darker and warmer.
  • What we have seen are only a few pieces, but the collections are many and there are many items that are available to you and, let’s face it, every one of these things you can find anywhere!But I would advise you one last thing that you will definitely notice if you take a trip to the shops of your town: the color  burgundy  in all ways, beautiful !!

Ok girls, what do you think? Have you noticed any trends that I have not written ??? Commented! Suggested! Each has their own tastes and it’s great deal, because the fashion we do !!