12 Beautiful Details in Small Bathrooms and Toilets

And let’s go with another selection of 12 small bathrooms and toilets with beautiful accents for your inspiration.

Cabinet colors do not always have to be the same! In the photo on the right, see how interesting the tiles in both the cabinet and the soap holder-Want something cleaner?

Casa Claudia and I loved this small, clean, minimalist and well-resourced guest toilet. The floor and wall coverings are super high and the narrow shelf takes up no space, is super useful and elegantly divides the coated part of the graffiti.

To make beautiful in the toilet, thinking of a wallpaper or glossy coating is a great idea.

2 bathrooms with industrial footprint in their rustic linings. Black and gray beige with a hint of red give a jovial class and gray, blue and wood are exquisite.

Niches with black backgrounds give a greater sense of depth, apart from the “automatic” industrial touch that goes into the environment. Another important point to “raise the level” of your bathroom or small toilet is to create unexpected lighting effects

Not so small, but the idea can be taken to a smaller bench, do you agree? And pay attention to the color of this floor…It’s great not to leave people crazy to clean all the time because there’s a hair on the floor…

Again the industrial footprint with the cement burned in every corner, but I draw attention to another color that illuminates and “heats” this cold gray: The orange!

A sliding door in the toilet in small space works miracles. I think it’s even better (but more expensive and not always possible ) the sliding door built into the wall, which gives greater “sound privacy” in general…

You know I love cobogó, right? So I could not stop showing this bathroom. At the top of the wall it allows air circulation and luminosity. Of course the possibility of using it depends on the environment behind the wall – a service area or the external environment in a house are perfect.