12 Tips To Eliminate Cellulite

Cellulite is a subject that worries us a lot, especially now, that with good weather we teach more skin and the last thing we want is for cellulite to camp wide in our body, so today I want to share with you 12 tips that you Will help to eliminate cellulite.

12 Tips To Eliminate Cellulite

12 Tips to Eliminate Cellulite:

Stay hydrated by drinking at least two liters of fluid a day , and now with the summer or if you exercise you can increase your fluid intake even more. To keep you hydrated you can not only drink water, you can also drink natural juices and infusions, in addition infusions help you in the fight against cellulite, your best allies to get rid of cellulite are horsetail, sage and green tea, Are effective medicinal plants to eliminate fluids and toxins. Other herbal teas that help prevent cellulite are taraxac, mint, fennel and hawthorn.

Make exercise a daily basis and as a minimum for 30 minutes straight.

Maintain weight according to your body is so damaging to have an overweight as weighing too little according to Politicsezine.com.

No smoking, quit smoking will have a surprising effect on the appearance of your skin, and not only will it improve your cellulite or your complexion, your health will be the biggest benefit of quitting smoking

Do not abuse caffeine, limit your consumption to 1 serving of caffeine drink per day (coffee, tea, coke). If you like tea it is important that you know that not everyone has caffeine here will explain thebenefits of the most popular teas and whether or not it damages your cellulite.

Fleeing from alcohol, alcohol helps increase levels of fatty acids in the circulation, accumulation of fat in the most unwanted sites, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, also gives us a lot of empty calories that do not give you anything at all To our body and if these do not seem enough reasons to escape from alcohol it also contributes to our hydration, and I have already told you how important it is to be well hydrated in our fight against cellulite.

Take fiber in your diet, and the best way is to consume at least 2 fruits a day and 3 servings of vegetables. Taking fiber helps you streamline your bowel, has a great satiating power and helps us lower cholesterol, so do not forget to include your daily dose of fruits and vegetables.

Controls the consumption of sugar and “refined flour” the best option is to switch to integral options.

Avoid consuming processed foods and go for real food. Processed foods often contain a lot of sodium. The best options are always the most natural and as a general rule the less packaged is a more natural product is

Do not let stress or bad mood take over you.

It takes iron, not only prevents anemia, the lack of this mineral favors the appearance of cellulite and makes it difficult to reduce. Among the foods rich in iron are clams, mussels, sardines, anchovies, eggs, chickpeas, lentils, spinach, chard, almonds…

At the time of cooking uses healthier cooking forms such as grilled, grilled, grilled, boiled, oven or papillote and avoid for example fried and battered. You can also prepare your dishes in a wok , with it you will hardly need cooking fat and always use pans and non-stick cookware for the same reason.

As you see it is a lifestyle that is as healthy as possible, and I assure you that although cellulite is very rebellious and once it is installed in our body it is very difficult to abandon it… it can be eliminated, or at least greatly improved, that You are going to have to be consistent and do not abandon these habits a week after you started.

To make it simpler to implement these changes in the day to day I recommend that you do not start putting the 12 tips at once, start with one and when it is already part of your day to day begins to put a new advice in practice, before That you realize you will have all incorporated into your day to day

And remember that you are not only in your fight to eliminate cellulite and if you want to expand the information on this topic you can do in  this web on how to eliminate cellulite.