15 Ways to Use a Jean

Jeans, the wildcard garment that can not miss in any wardrobe. Why is that? Because they are well on the day and at night; slippers, boots and heels; with muscular, t-shirts or shirts; to be at home, to go to college or to work. Except to go to a party or formal event, the jeans are well with absolutely everything and on any occasion.

The issue is when both, use them that we have no idea how achieve a different style… What if I tell you that, with your old and beloved jeans always, you can achieve up to 15 different looks? Look at them!

Elegant #15 Look

A cute blazer black, Navy Blue or even red can give elegance and style to your most worn jeans. To subtract formality, but not necessarily sophistication, you can lean a blazer of strong or printed colors.

Gwyneth Paltrow is hyper-elegant with its jeans more black blazer and matching boots according to paradisdachat.

#14 Look simple and chic

There is no more basic than a jean with a white t-shirtcombination. However, can be a duo with lot of style if we complement them, for example, with shoes heel and a hat.

To achieve something more casual? It changes your heels by ballerinas and ready!

#13 Jean + jean

Who said that you can not combine denim? It really is, and is cute.

They jean shirts are trendy and look great with jeans, although more appropriate is to combine two different shades. The lighter shirt and darker pants.

#12 Look chic bohemian

And what jean vest? It achieves a super look!

Personally I loved this outfit of pants and vest of jean, with a handkerchief to him a touch of color and high heels making game, giving femininity and sophistication.

#11 Look for the night

The jeans also serve for the night. A way to adapt your jean pants for this time of the day is adding you to the trend of the Brights, the latest fashion!

What do you think of this glamorous glitters jacket and shoes?

Grunge #10 Look

The grunge look or look is fashionable to trash, and the jeans are protagonists. The idea of this light-hearted and rebel is style combined with a t-shirt stamped with the image of a rock group, Plaid Shirt outside or knotted at the waist and leather jacket.

#9 polka dots!

To polka dots print It is fun, and looks good with jeans. Ponte a blouse polka dotted with a few skinny jeans, boots and a few large earrings and list! to exit

#8 Look country

Do you like the style inspired by the Wild West? The jean again is fundamental in this look.

You add a shirt tartan – and do a knot to show your waist if you want a touch sexy – and sandals making game if it’s summer, or Texas boots, if it is winter, and ready!

Casual #7 Look

For more than what we can combine in a thousand ways and achieve full elegance, in truth jean Pant is associated with the casual and comfortable look.

Like any teenager, Paris Jackson used his jeans with a graphic print t-shirt and classic shoes Converse.

#6 Look with color

Jean is the garment that allows us to combine colours and patterns. To give a touch of color to a basic look, you can resort to a patterned cardigan and highlight it even more with your accessories.

#5 Shorts

If your jeans are very old, cracked and worn but it makes you sad to get rid of them…turn them into shorts! You only need a pair of scissors, trim the legs and voila, you have a new garment.

Broken #4 Jeans

And what about the ripped jeans? For a 100% informal, rebellious look and cool, you opt for pants, jean with holes and you’re ready.

Does not need to get to cut your jeans; today’s leading brands sold “rotosos” designs with style.

High #3 Tiro

The high-waisted jeans are a trend that does not pass of fashion and at the same time complemented perfect with another must have in recent years: the top crop.

Ideal for an youthful look and sexy because your abdomen signs with them.

#2 Look autumn winter

The trench or trench is an ideal garment for autumn and winter, and is a great companion for your jeans. Combines with boots or sneakers and you’ll be perfect.

Romantic #1 Look

For its simplicity, the jean can be accompanied by prints and textures, as the lace. You didn’t know how to use your lace blouse? Well, Yes, with jeans and have a romantic and feminine look to fashion.

Have you ever seen all the looks with jeans that you create? Now with these tips you don’t have excuses to reinvent them again and again! And, of course, there are thousands of possible combinations more