17 Tips and Tricks for Masculine Style of Dressing

Men in the world who still have not clear how you should dress: Here you have the final post, in which we share with you 17 tips and tricks of style so go spotless all the time.

Like many, we have classified them in two categories, other specific and general tips to dress up in costume.

Hey, after reading this post, you are going to be true gentlemen that take everyone’s attention due to its style and elegance. No, it is not necessary that we give thanks. Here we go!

General Time Of Dressing Tips

  1. no, it is advisable to fold the sleeves above the elbow.With a couple of folds is more than enough.

2 we must release more than two buttons of the shirt. Go wearing chest has little elegant.

  1. play with the layers of clothing depending on your body weight. If you’re thin build, you can win some volume combining different layers, such as t-shirt, shirt and jersey. On the other hand, if you’re strong or thick build, limit yourself to single layer.
  2. in order to avoid stains of sweat on shirts, whether in the area of armpits, or any other, get under a thin cotton t-shirt.
  3. avoid the most t-shirts and polos with large logos of brands.Discretion is a plus in it comes to style.

6 invest in accessories. Good sunglasses or a quality watch may be those who become remarkable a simple look.

7 remember: wrinkled clothes and dirty shoes spoil any look that is worthy of the name. So become a very close friend of iron and cream for shoes.

  1. for the past few seasons, the cigarette pants are trend.But beware,they are not suitable for all types of leg. If you do very thin or very thick, they will not be you well. Always ask for a second opinion before you take them home and, please, that is not dependent. They do not tend to be objective.
  2. If you have questions about the formality of an event to which you have been invited, opt for a medium term.That will always be better than staying tipped glove on an informal event or sport while the other wears a suit and tie.
  3. the underwear to be seen less, continues to be important.Always wears shorts and socks in perfect condition(no holes, no past gums). My advice is that which they go washing put them at the bottom of the drawer, in such a way that they are rotating and them use all. Thus they will be aging at the same time. Oh and don’t be afraid to throw away those who are impaired.

Tips For Wearing Costume

  1. at the time of choosing a suit, he cares very well be your size.It is key to American snaps on the shoulders.

2 but that is not all. The sleeve should get to the wrist, but leaving shirt fist protrudes about 1 cm.

  1. theCourt of the American should be fitted, but not spend.We run the risk of seeing us sausages, with undesirable wrinkles, and in addition, will be frankly uncomfortable.
  2. the tie must be perfectly knotted (if you have doubts, don’t miss thispost) and must reach the height of the belt buckle.Shorter or longer.
  3. extreme caution when mixing prints shirt and necktie.In general,shirt must be of lighter shades and with smaller motifs that the necktie. If in doubt, opt for a smooth shirt.
  4. When you put you tie, the shirt collar button must be buckled always.If you tighten too much, it is that the shirt is not your size.
  5. always combines the color of shoes and belt.Black goes well with most common costume colors (black, Navy Blue, and different shades of gray). We can also use Brown with blue, light gray suits and medium gray.

And that’s all. Any doubt in the room? If you want to throw us any questions, do so in the comments and are happy to help you.

Image | Massimo Dutti
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