2012 Swimwear Trends

You’d like, this summer, hooking the charming surfers or volleyball players (you’re not (too) difficult), with a swimsuit worthy of the name? You still haven’t found your weapon of mass destruction? A look at what the trends 2012 vintage brings you good (and less good).

2012 Swimwear Trends

Among the traditional swimsuit black and chic, the bikini of hottie Brazilian and colors neon, fleet a small squadron of new trends he will be always fashionable to wear this summer. Quick tour before moving on to the morpho councils most practices.

Tropical print

Atmosphere Magnum (the series, not ice-although the ice is also a very good option) on the beach, he remains you that to get you a dashing moustache quadra in possession of a bodied red (as say child’s play). These prints here are really tops on the skins tanned to very dull.

Sportswear shapes

Great effort on the sports swimwear two piece with now pretty contrasting geometric forms, an avalanche of zips, headbands and triangles that maintain what it takes in place and the shortys or pants size low.

Ethnic prints

Swimsuits mimic on the trend of ready-to-wear with native Americans and tribal both colorful and geometric patterns. This is where you will find most swimwear “adorned” with links to tie trimmed with pearls, feathers, embroidery and lacing games. Suffice to say the wound of the uniform Tan.

Retro and panties forms of Bridget Jones

More fabrics, but more than glamour. Retro combinations and high pants will work better for girls who have luscious curves. Advantage of the retro combi: you put on a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses butterflies and a skirt on top and you have a ready-made fifties look.

Digital print

With the return of the swimsuit one piece, digital prints are given some to heart joy with patterns more or less hipsters. You can spot the heads of animals (kittens, eagles, Panthers, can we store the zombie in this category?) and paradisiacal landscapes under the blue sky or a sunset worthy of Palm Beach.

Black Milk rest of course the reference in the matter of swimwear print digitalwatzefeuq.

Very, very plunging neckline

Is even more diving at this stage here, these are the Niagara falls so the opening down far, far, away. Almost to the navel, sometimes. Unless you are totally okay with her exhibitionist side, this form is reserved for small breasts.

Yes… No support, no frame and not even the Scotch of Kylie Minogue to hold your tits in place. So be sure of the pendulum movement more or less pronounced of these when you go running behind the Churro seller.

Small point morpho

These are some guidance for those who are really in the dark but the best way to know if a swimsuit’s going to us, it’s yet to try it.

Figure “eight”-if you’re proportioned in the same way upstairs and downstairs, with voluptuous forms

Maintain your chest with forms to Underwire, swimwear style basket and to the bottom, you can grant you a bikini or a high panties to play on the side pin-up, at your leisure.

Silhouette in “pyramid”-if you have a little broad hips but the shoulders and/or a small chest

To you banners, twisted, senior forms formed with a low waist panties or a bikini. The bustier of a swimsuit shape a piece you will be also fine.

Silhouette in “inverted pyramid”-if you’re shoulders developed and/or large breasts, and a pool on the contrary rather cramped

Emphasizes your hips while wearing panties high for example, the shortys or panties fantasy with a belt (style James Bond girl). And choose a form of bustier or a swimsuit push-up and thin straps to balance everything.

Silhouette in “rectangle”-if you’re Petite from top to bottom with the size quite marked pau

Exit the bins and other luscious that you can anyway not fill. Placed on the triangle or Headbands with a thin slip of bath and even better, with links to tie on the sides to feminize your silhouette.