2016 Trends to Decorate Your Home

Latest trends for the home

A well-known German thinker said that life is but an eternal return. A circle that we have to travel constantly, inevitably making the starting point again and again. The good thing about it is that, even reaching that same point, we are making it more prepared than the previous time, with new knowledge and ideas. With the fashion and trends of home decoration the same thing happens. From time to time, old styles are resumed, and they return to trend, with subtle or substantial differences. The trends 2016 to decorate your home will be marked by a line already drawn this year, but much more refined.

The natural tendency follows the head. Wood and its derivatives are still the material par excellence of the 2016 trends to decorate your home .Of course, in very natural tones and very marked veins.Plants and flowers of all kinds are going to camp in the halls of the houses more to the last.The decorative vinyl with floral motifs can complement and give a touch of modernity and originality to this new natural environment.

Another material to consider would be marble, especially for the dining room table and side tables.White would be the predominant color but also red and green.

The most tendency colors to decorate the home are going to be gray and mustard color.A decorative vinyl with a positive message can marry beautifully with these colors, worth as much for the kitchen, the living room as for the bedrooms.

The complements in the tendencies to decorate this 2016 acquire great importance this season.The very colorful prints and even with ethnic tints are going to cause furor this year.Decorative vinyl with African motifs are going to be much sought after in 2016. In teleadhesive you can find a great range of designs at a really economic price, many of them with really incredible offers.

Also in 2016, in addition to the aforementioned flora, the fauna, especially the aerial one, will become enormously important. Decorative stickers with birds of all kinds are proudly displayed in living rooms and bedrooms, being one of the most prevalent trends of the new season. To this must be added a special concern in the creation of environments through lighting. The flexos command in the tendencies of decoration of the home this 2016. Warm and welcoming lights that help to highlight and give the protagonism to all the complements, which, undoubtedly, return to be the indisputable protagonists of the new tendencies of decoration Of the home for this new season. Therefore, at a2zwallstickers.com, its wide offer of decorative vinyl stickers, can help you, with very little money, your home is up to the last. Do not think about it and reinvent the circle.Your home will thank you.