2nd Pregnancy Conflict of Feelings

Just completed 34 weeks. Now there is only 1 month for Manu get.

Today I will talk a little bit about what is the second pregnancy and all the mix of feelings that I have lived.

I am definitely not the right person to talk about all the beautiful universe involving these more than 9 months a baby in my belly. My first pregnancy was not easy. I was hoping that when pregnant again, it would be different. Because who ever had more than one son assured me that a pregnancy had nothing to do with the other.

And there isn’t any.

This time I found it even more difficult.

I have maybe a few factors that contribute to that, I’m super small in height and weight, and do huge babies (don’t ask me how!), I expand too much to the point that nothing fit me and I suffer a lot with back problems. And this time still had the aggravating the problem not only in the cervical, and also in the sciatic nerve, which ignited more than 2 months and that makes me cry out in pain each time I sit or get out of bed or Chair. And these last few weeks I can’t sleep and I’m running out of time to try to finish the quarter of Manu and leave everything organized.

In addition, the tiredness of carrying a pregnancy to a young daughter at home and to demand the full attention of the world.

On the other hand, everything that’s not funny in pregnancy, have lived with the most amazing days and Bruna happy since I became a mother. I am simply in love with this phase that she is, 1 year and 9 months. She interacts, participates, communicates and talks all the way funnier and delicious I’ve ever seen. Every minute next to it is a shot of happiness that nothing else matters. And I was told that only gets better from here on out.

She is super glued on me, it’s feeling that her days as an only child are ending. And I’ve been trying to be super gift, enjoy as much as I can. But with that belly and unable to lower and raise or even running, playing ball and play, turns out to be more complicated.

My doctor told me to get her in my lap. But I can resist some minutes attached with your little girl???

I think 24 hours a day, Bruna and how am I going to keep giving the attention that it deserves. I don’t want her to suffer and that the arrival of his sister is a happy moment. But people with kids her age knows that’s not quite how it works.

However, thanks to Bruna that this pregnancy went fast. I barely had time to think or even remember she was pregnant until the baby starts to weigh effectively. It’s not easy pregnancy with another young son at home, but is much faster, that I can guarantee.

Because unlike the first time you tell the days to be born and the time doesn’t matter, when you least expect it, you’re already one step closer to having your next baby in his arms and even remember most of the pregnancy.

And is there anything more delicious than mother?!

I pray to God every day to give me health to take care of my 2 daughters, and that the Boghiu come full of health to multiply this love I feel and that inspires me to do this blog with so much care and dedication.

Maybe next life as a mother I’m with my baby in my arms to present

And if you have any mother pregnant with second child, I will be happy if you share with us what you’re feeling in this pregnancy.