3 Choices of Party Earrings to Tear Up!

The earrings make all the difference at the time of composing the look. There are several options for these accessories to be used at different times. For special occasions, for example, there are models known as “party earrings”, which have a more elaborate design to meet the level of sophistication that the situation demands.

These earrings in Rrrjewelry, in general, are larger in size than the traditional models used on a daily basis. To make them more flashy and festive, they are made of noble materials and with brighter than usual, and can also receive adornments, such as stones and other special elements.

Today it is possible to count on options in semi-jewels  that cause great impact in events such as graduations, parties and weddings, at increasingly affordable prices.

If you still do not know the party earrings very well and have difficulty choosing the correct model, you can rest easy as it is not difficult to choose the perfect match for the event.

See below some styles that will make your look much more glamorous!

1. Earrings With Zirconia

One of the most commonly used materials in the production of semi-jewels, zirconia has a very affordable cost, especially if compared to the expensive diamond, with which it can be easily confused .

Produced artificially in the laboratory, it is a stone of excellent quality and that is becoming more and more popular in the market.

The earrings zirconia , resemble those for diamonds, bring sophistication to the look. The logic of the combinations, even, is the same: formal or nocturnal events, like high point of the set of the accessories.

Another option is to wear colored zirconia earrings, which refer to other stones as sapphire and emerald, as elegant as.

2. Earrings With Crystals

Due to its extreme shine, crystal earrings with crystals never go out of style and are quite popular with the general public.

It is worth remembering that the crystals present on the earrings are glasses of high transparency and quality , used in large scale in the manufacture of semijoias.

The earrings with crystals can vary in aspects like size, shape, model and, of course, color, being able to have several stones of different tones. This variety is the starting point for a great possibility of combinations.

For colorless stones, it works well to use them as a complement to dresses in the “basic black” line or with social shirts and suits.

The colorful ones combine well with more modern arrangements and explore a palette of warmer colors.

3. Smooth Line Party Earrings

Although it does not have any type of pedraria (for that reason the smooth aspect), the smooth line party earrings have a bold design and a very sophisticated style.

They can be in massive or geometric formats, imitating objects or forming a well-designed drawing. In this group, the highlight is pieces such as maxi earrings, rings  and fringed pieces.

Regardless of the shape or finish, plain earrings are often distinguished by design. Therefore, it is worth to value them in the assembly of your look and especially in the combination with the hair.

Now that you already know these three options of party earrings, choose which one has more to do with your style and look at your event!

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