4 Gifts for Mother’s Day Easy to Make

Offer a gift personalized is always a great idea. In this article, we suggest some gifts for mother’s day-easy to make. Learn how!

4 Gifts for Mother’s Day Easy to Make

Make your own gifts instead of buying them is a great way to show appreciation and affection for someone. If you are looking for ideas of gifts for mother’s day-easy to do, you came to the right place.

In the times of the school, all little ones have the opportunity to make gifts to offer to the mother, that have an emotional value too strong. The older ones may not have this opportunity, but there is no recover time at home and prepare a souvenir.

Hands to work!



Buy a candle with the aroma of choice to the his mother. Then, to give a more personal touch, just customize the packaging.

Draw some elements on a sheet of parchment paper or type phrases and poems with meaning for your mother. Cut the paper so as to cover the upper part of the sail. Place a wire, a rope or even a rubber band to hold the paper, so the “close” of the candle.

Your message will be the first thing that the mother will see when you want to light the candle.


Choose your favourite ingredients from his mother and make a compote, a cake or biscuits homemade.

Place in a beautiful packing and offer a secure easy-to-do, full of love and affection.


If your mom loves the soaps, so this will be one of the best gifts for mother’s day-easy to make, and the most original.

To make a soap of glycerin, you will need to:

  • Pot in enamel;
  • Silicone mold;
  • Spatula for stirring;
  • Bar of glycerin;
  • An extract to your taste;
  • Dye it to your liking.

The steps for making this gift are easy. Place a pan on a low heat and begin by melting the glycerin, previously starting in the cubes.

When the glycerin is liquid, remove from the heat and stir until it evaporates.

Add the dye until you get the color that you want. Then, add to that the aroma and the extracts of your choice. Put in moulds and let it cool naturally.

In the end, you only need to pack the soap of beautiful shape, well cared for and original.


Buy a mug of white porcelain and decorate it to the taste of his mother.

Buy paints and pens own to customize the mug and make it that every morning your mother feel truly special.