4 Tips on Toys and Games for the Children’s Day

When we become mother or father, a sense of responsibility for that little be will become. As the months passed, we saw clearly how our position before certain situations influence the personality of our children. It’s nice to understand that we have at our disposal very rich tools to turn the play into a teachable moment and training for babies and toddlers. Toys and educational games are great allies in this journey. How about we take the children’s day to renew our collection of toys and games? Check below our tips…

Early Childhood

In the first six years of life, even if the child is not enrolled in a formal educational institution, your development and learning ability are in full swing. It is in this step that starts the development of motor skills, physical growth, the affective and social relations-start, beyond the brain maturation.You know what that means? This is the period to have attention to stimuli that small.

Now, quick: what is the activity that children from 0 to 6 years get involved? His answer, of course, was kidding, toys or games. For the little ones, the play is the main day-to-day activity. To play, the children experience the world of persons, objects, of culture and nature and, therefore, understand them and express them as well.

With that in mind, we put together a list with 4 tips of educational toys and games for early childhood. Want to know what they are? So, keep reading!

Toys And Games For Early Childhood

1-Stacking Toys

Of wood or plastic, mounting blocks and other toys that let the child place a piece on the other are essential to work on motor skills and coordination. What most encourages us to stack toys is the possibility of the child being able to create, assemble, tear down and redo as many times as you want. This game becomes valuable when the adult who is leading the game talks about shapes, colors and textures. There are many options in store, be sure to check here.

2-Toys And Spend

The puzzle is considered one of the most complete dock toys because it can stimulate motor skills at the same time that memory and logical reasoning. Beyond that, there are options of educational toys that instigate a lot of the child up to six years. There are those that have a base with several animal shapes, abstract shapes and geometric forms cast, in which the child must fit the loose parts in the base. There are also roller coasters, which are armed in that little can go balls or animals.These wire baskets are preparing the child for writing, once your move is similar to when we’re writing. Others that are great for working the reasoning and the fine motor skills of the children are the mazes and tack boards.

3-Games Involving Colors And Textures

Let the small paint the seven since babies is important for the development of them. Be in touch with pencils, pens, paints, crayons and pens, they awaken to new discoveries. Drawing, coloring and even doodling boosts cognitive development, expressive and creative children. The textures also has important role in children’s sensory development. Rag dolls, puppets, teether, plush, books… offer to your small different sensations for him to discover the world from educational toys.

4-Playing With Sounds And Songs

There’s nothing cooler than sharpen the child curiosity for different sounds. Show her the importance of hearing and how she can recognize different things through music and sounds that surround us. Tell stories, sing, teach a musical instrument, make sounds with his mouth to represent animals and objects. Finally, introduce sound stimuli in the life of the small.

Children involved in activities with sounds and songs:

Develop ability to concentrate;

Increase the skills of relating to others

Improve the diction when singing;

Increase the ability to express feelings;

We, as parents, we must bear in mind that the best are the stimuli presented to our children during the first years of life, the greater the chances of them becoming better, more productive adults, conducted and balanced.

And you know educational toys and educational games to give tips that don’t quote in the text? Yes?So, comment and we will create a network of games to do with Cubs.