5.0 Android Lollipop Includes Officially Galician and Basque among Their Languages

Today we have known the new version of Android, 5.0 Lollipop, and although most of its innovations already knew them of the released Preview during the past Google I/O, others slowly go shelling them.

In this case, we have good news for Galician and Basque users, and it is the new version of Google’s operating system It will include standard Galician and euskera from their selection of languages.

It seems trivial, but this addition of the two co-official languages of our country that were missing in the list of Android was an old request involved autonomous communities and users Basque and Galician. In the case of the Galician, there was even official requests from the regional government, as well as a popular initiative which gave the result of a campaign of collecting signatures to the own Sundar Pichai.

It should be recalled that catalan was between the languages officially available on Android in earlier versions, so now our favorite Android has already learned to speak all the languages of our country.

This implies that the Nexus will be the first devices to allow its configuration in these two languages, and although many manufacturers had already made that translation for your customizations operating system, many others now expanded thanks to Android 5.0 its list of languages.