5 Equipment That Will Make the Difference

For many men, fishing is a fun and a sport. It’s good to be in closer contact with nature, the sea or the river. It is also a way of cultivating health and certain skills. But fishing is necessary to go prepared, equipped with all the necessary equipment to ensure a satisfactory activity. Check out the following five equipment that will make the difference in your fishing!

Fishing rod

Also referred to simply as Reed, is a key equipment. Formerly, the sticks were made of thin flexible wood; then, bamboo was used and, finally, fiberglass.

Currently there are sticks of different materials besides those already mentioned, such as nylon, epoxy, and metal. The rod of carbon fiber and graphite occupies a prominent position. There are solid or tubular poles (hollow), neck, divided into sections or the telescopic easier to load. As the mode of fishing practiced, the rods can be about weight and size:

  • Light;
  • Medium-sized;
  • Heavy;
  • Hammock – heavy.

Reel or spool

The reel also has sorting your:

  • Ultra lightweight (smallest size, accepts the 3 lines 5 pounds);
  • Lightweight (accepts 5 lines to 12 pounds);
  • Medium (accepts lines between 12:30 pounds);
  • Heavy (over 30 lines accepts pounds, are the largest and require a lot of technique to your handling).

The reel or spool is a device used to pick up the line, but also of great importance in the time of pitch and the “strike”. The traction system of the windlass is critical to support the “start-ups” of the fish, preserving the line and holding the prey under control. There are occasions when the use of the windlass is more appropriate; in others, it is better to opt for the reel – will depend on the type of fish or fishingmode. Many claim that the reel has increased storage capacity, is stronger, allows for longer casts and has the added advantage of not twisting the line. But, is subject to “wigs”, matted row that occurs after a sloppy pitch. She is very ideal for on-board fishing.

Fishing line

The line is manufactured in nylon monofilament or mulfilamento . As the weight support, the lines can be 6, 12, 20, 30, 50, 80 and 130 pounds. In Brazil, they are classified as the thickness in mm: 0.10; 0.20; 0.40; 0.60; 0.80; 1.00. To choose the best type of line, one must consider the rest of the equipment, the type of fish and fishing.


The baits are also essential to your fishing. They are attractive to the fish is hooked. Can be natural, living or dead baits (worms, worms, insects) and artificial (the use of which is growing more and more), which mimic small living beings in your shape and sound.

With this apparatus, you can go to your fishing quietly! But, don’t forget to take the shot, sinkers and steerthe for the bait. Neither your food and water. And protection from the Sun or rain. Always carry such equipment when you go fishing? What kind of fishing you like most? What type of rod, reel, bait and bait usually use? Comment below, talking about their experiences.