5 Super Tips for Baby Do not Cry in the Car

Some babies and children love to drive, they love it so much that they fall asleep in a few minutes. Read tips for the baby not to cry in the car.

5 Super Tips for Baby Do not Cry in the Car

But for some parents car trips are a real martyrdom.

The car for some parents is the salvation for those days when the baby is more annoying. A little twist and the baby is quiet and sleeps a good sleep.

Other parents suffer horrors, the baby cries from the moment he gets into the car until he leaves.

Today we leave here some to make the car rides enjoyable moments.

Tips for Baby Do not Cry in the Car

Regardless of the tantrum the baby should always go in the chair that is appropriate to his size, do not give in to this aspect.

# 1 Comfort

Comfort is very important, the baby has to feel good.

Make sure the baby is not too tight and is not too hot.

Babies and children should travel without a coat.

The temperature inside the car is very important, neither too hot nor too cold.

# 2 Communication

Always keep communication with the baby during the trip, talk, sing.

With the compulsory counter-ring system, where the baby is facing the seat, the baby can feel some discomfort and feel abandoned.

Speak even though he still does not notice, but feeling his voice works as a calming element.

# 3 Mirror and toys

In the early days choose mirrors that allow the mother to see the baby and the baby to see the mother.

Always put some toys at your disposal.

Toys should be cute and well-secured so they will not hurt the baby in the event of an accident or sudden braking.

# 4 Food

For the little ones the food can work as a soothing, while eating are distracted and the trip runs better.

But it’s not worth exaggerating because too full a belly can trigger another common problem in cars … vomiting.

# 5 Sleep

Coordinate the ride with the baby’s sleep schedules.

At naps, the baby may become more irritated and trigger a crying crisis. The ideal is to travel between naps.