50s Furniture and Retro Style: You Know How to Use?

Discover how to capture the essence of a crucial Decade for decoration using beautiful furniture 50 years in your home!

Vintage and retro style is with everything in decoration, with the use of wooden furniture, sofas, armchairs and other items which refer to decades. The current trend is the use of mobile years 50, with toothpicks, many colors and velvet coating.

Before we start talking about the decorating tips, how about we understand a little about what was the Decade of 50?

Because the 50 was so important?

In 40 years, the world was facing the second world war, a period of mourning, austerity and total lack of resources. The style used at the time was the Art Deco, marked by heavy volumes and geometric. With the end of the war, Europe was devastated, without resources and with a lot of debt to be able to rebuild the cities and countries that have suffered the horrors of recent years.

In the 50 ‘s when the United States emerges as a major power, establishing the “American dream” as a worldwide standard of living to be fetched. On aesthetic things begin to change. The modernist ideals of the 20 are rescued, but with a more language gullible that answer to the dream of perfect home of happy families.

Thus, 50 years are marked by a more futuristic and optimistic vision, with the evolution of technology and use of new materials and languages. The design of the furniture was no different, and at that time people began to search for new, unique and they had this footprint of futurism.

The idea was put aside those old furniture squares and dull and embrace the new, with its curves, their strong colors, your mix of materials and much more.

So, begin to emerge and modular furniture with double functions. In all there is a distinctive lightness and the furniture 50 years become influenced by the rediscovery of the pleasure of living and inhabiting.

At this time, until the electronics and cars began to be transformed and present rounded sides and futuristic aspect – in some cases even space-.

The furniture 50 years also followed the trend, the famous feet, thin sticks, made of wood, and slightly facing out – almost as if remetessem a rocket. This is one of the main brands of furniture this decade.

In addition to the feet sticks, other items also appeared with strength in 50 years furniture, like the drawers likely to cut the handles, horizontal and more sofas ‘ crisp ‘, the Foundation turned to all kinds of furniture and the contrasting finishes on wood surfaces.

The colors of the furniture 50 years also are stronger than those of previous decades, showing this new Joie de vivre. We see with a lot of presence the shades of walnut, mahogany, walnut, ebanizados and lacquered in black, blue and yellow.

Now that you understand a little more about this decade so important to the interior design, how about finding out how to use the furniture 50 years on your current decor? See our tips and start transforming your home with a beautiful retro style!

-How to use furniture 50 years: abuse of feet stick

A very strong brand of furniture 50 years are the so-called ‘ toothpick ‘ foot, furniture that we explained above. They emerged in the late 40 and are successful in any decor. If you want to give a retro footprint in your home, these furniture is a great choice, because they bring class, comfort and warmth to any room.

The feet stick can appear in all kinds of furniture such as dressers, chairs, sofas, cupboards, chairs and Ottomans. A characteristic of these furniture are the bold colors and patterns, which tend to keep the modernity of the environment, even with the use of retro.

These are already considered classics and furniture so it is very hard to miss a hand. In the living room choose a mobile key to use the proposal as a rack or armchairs, in home office chair foot stick maintains the softness retro of the environment and so on.

-Furniture 50 years: a pinch of style

As in any decoration it is crucial that you use common sense and avoid burdening the environment. So that your House won’t be like an old movie, avoid using a lot of furniture 50 years.

Merge them with more modern pieces that bring a little present to your decor. You can use a nice trimmer of 50 years in the dining room, or elongated seats for the table. In the living room, the Ottomans era with modern prints contrasts happily with current productions.

If you are now beginning to use 50 years in furniture decoration, a tip is to start through the dining room, since in that environment there are many options of use of antique chairs, tables and sideboards, for example. Choose one of these options to start a merge with your current furniture. As this is a place that generally get enough visit is nice to decorate it so enjoyable and comfortable.

You can choose different chairs for your table, or with individual seats. Not to get too disconnected, look for pieces that have some relation to the wood of the table. And then, just dare with the furniture 50 years.

-Furniture 50 years: where to find?

Most people who want to start decorating with furniture 50 years complain of difficulty to find them. Although you can buy some pieces in antique, the value thereof, in General, is much more than a new mobile – which ends up dragging down the buffs for decoration.

But, today, it is possible to find other alternatives such as thrift shops, make your own restoration and even buy new parts that are made with the style of the old. In fact that’s exactly what you’d call ‘ retro ‘, i.e. they are factories that produce new furniture in the form of furniture 50 years. This causes the pieces stay much more accessible financially.

-Change the atmosphere of the environment with other decor items

Despite the 50 years being the mobile ‘ icing on the cake ‘, nor of their own lives a retro or vintage decor. You can bring that atmosphere of antiquity to your home using different elements as retro patterned fabrics, carpet, movie posters and old artists, lighting fixtures, electronics like telephones, radios and TV’s and other decoration.

Although the furniture 50 years are the most used to bring this aura of past, you don’t have to stick with one decade in time to decorate. It is possible to mix furniture from various periods and of the decoration items 20, 30, 40 years and so on.

The important thing is to get this mix don’t overload the environment, remember that all parts must ‘ talk ‘ to each other while maintaining a harmony. This will avoid leaving your home with antique store aspect – which nobody wants, isn’t it?

-How to use 50 years mobile: get inspired in photographs

For anyone who likes to decoration, the photos are ideal for inspiration. Who wants to start using the retro style should use this feature.

See photos of architects, decorators and bloggers who have the habit of using furniture 50 years in their work. Pay attention to how they mix the contemporary and the ancient, like using colors and decorative items.

Also take a look at old photos for inspiration in various models of furniture 50s in VintagesFinder.

-50 years, Furniture in the kitchen?

Yes! Contrary to what some people think, the furniture 50 years need not be restricted to bedrooms and living rooms, you can also use them in your kitchen.

An object that is very popular is the slate, which refers to ages past. In addition, you can use furniture 50 years as highchairs and upholstery, cabinets with drawers likely and many colors.

To give even more a retro air to your kitchen, invest in vintage style decoration objects like toasters and blenders, fruit bowls, cups and steel kettles, wall clock and even the famous egg shaped chicken – which was a fever in past decades.

Did you see how, with a little creativity, you can use several years 50 in your furniture and decoration, still, leave the modern ambience, renovated and cheerful? The important thing, always, is to make the decor of your home reflects your personality – whether with the use of mobile 50 years, giving a more stripped down, or with other pieces that have connection with who you are.

And you, what do you think of using the furniture in 50 years? Have you got a favourite? Leave a comment for us with your opinion!