6 Important Tips for Buying Fishing Reels

If you’re starting to fish, you must have some doubts about what kind of equipment to use. The discussion whether it is better to use reels or spinning reels is permanent, but in view of the great evolution suffered by two throughout history, we cannot indicate a only, because each one has its own characteristics and each fisherman turns out to pick one as your style of fishing and fishing type that tends to take part, so let’s not delve into this debate.

Today we’ll talk specifically to fishing reels and what must be taken into account to acquire the right equipment for the purpose that you seek according to Technology-Wiki.

The reels are divided into two major groups, those of high profile and low profile; the first are used for more demanding and fisheries with the claim to catch fish bigger and heavier, the low profile reels, for your time, are used in fisheries which require less robust equipment for lighter and smaller fish.

How about checking out some important tips to buy the fishing reels without making mistakes?

Assess the price

Maybe that’s one of the most controversial themes concerning the purchase of fishing equipment, because there are equipment of all values and different levels. But to know what to buy you must know your fishing style and how you like to practice.

There are fishing reels for $100, but that do not meet the requirements of those who already know the metiê. On the other hand there are fishing reels of R$2000 that can only be exploited in full if you have complete mastery of what it does, so don’t waste money by investing in what you don’t know.

Ask the opinion of his fellow fishing is always interesting, because it helps you to learn and be able to know how should mount your equipment.

Take into account the braking

The use of brake systems of fishing reels is very important as it is with this system that launched the line and if the fish Slingshot. Is the brake that controls the creation of wigs at launch and use the line and the wrong configuration to the desired fish weight can greatly hinder the work of the fisherman.

The issue of brakes of fishing reels also rotates in makes the choice facing the magnetic brakes, centrifugal and different characteristics, being the best magnetic for launching light lures and the centrifugal weights better with launch of low and medium speed of the reel. But we still have the equipment with mixed brakes that unite the advantages of both types of brakes.

Balance weight

As already mentioned, the fishing reels is part of your set of fishing equipment. In this way, it is important to understand that the fishing reels must combine in weight with the stick.

If you have a fishing reels very large and heavy you’ll probably tire more and this will shorten your fishing trip. So follow the logic of thinking a spool compatible with the desired fish.

Consider the bearings

One of the most sensitive parts of fishing reels are the bearings, elements responsible for the handling of line in this material. The bearings must be of a resistant material, since it is necessary to really hold on to what you propose, regardless of the weight that the packaging to promote. So always take into account the quantity and quality of the bearings.

Evaluate the line management

In addition to the bearings, when purchasing a fishing reels if you must watch on line recall rate and depth of the reel, the reel has capacity to store line.

The rate of payment is for the facility that the fisherman will have to pick up the line and the higher the rate faster if collects a line and the spool depth is important to know the size of the row that you can use as your thick.

Ensuring comfort and durability

This is a point that is solely for the user’s choice. Features like the size of the fishing reels, the use of it in the left hand or right, preference for a lighter equipment and who is more comfortable in the hand of the fisherman and the durability to the equipment will have are questions that you should evaluate to ensure your comfort while using it.

These points are close to the questions about price, because usually the fishing reels lighter and more resistant are more expensive, but on the other hand the equipment lasts longer, and the comfort is nonetheless important for the fisherman, as it is how the activity is practiced for a long time it is undeniable that the equipment must be nice.

Now that you have learned to buy fishing reels, how about sharing your experiences and opinions with us? To find out more find out more about how to improve the yield of your fishing trip, keep watching the posts of our blog!

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