6 Party Shoes Inspired by the Famous

When choosing a look for a party, the shoe can add a special touch to the look. But a poor choice can end production.  Factors like elegance, comfort, tone, heel, sock and other details are very important when making the choice.

Fashion consultants claim that some basic rules can help you figure out which shoe is ideal for each type of party. For example, when the party is elegant and social, the more elegant it has to be the shoe, so the ideal is to opt for thin strappy sandals. The most suitable colors in this case may be gold, silver or nude. When the occasion is very chic, like a wedding, it is important to combine a small bag with the rest of the look.

If you are looking for a shoe for a party a bit more informal, the most versatile shoes are released. If you choose a short dress, choose a heavy sandal with thick heels or peep toes from iamhigher.com. Colors can also be more daring. If the idea is to put on a sensual look, bet on sandals with moorings above the ankle, like gladiators, but avoid this type of shoe if the party is your work, for example. For a casual party and to balance with a short and sensual dress, it is also recommended to abuse the sneakers.

Some women are afraid to dare and end up failing to choose. Remember that there is always that joker-piece and, in the case of shoes, the joker is the famous scarpin in nude or black colors. Scarpin and peep toes nudes give the impression of stretching the silhouette and are the perfect match for discreet looks.

To lengthen the silhouette, high heels are the best choice. The half-paws are also great for lengthening the silhouette without having to use a very high heel, in addition they are very comfortable.

The new fashion for shoes is to match the color of the shoe with the color of the clothes. A trend full of elegance and modernity!

Check out the 6 party inspired shoes!