6 Steps to Conquer Healthy Hair

Don’t just take care of the color and trim once in a while, the hairs require care with the details

When talking about “health”, immediately appear images of doctors, tests, people, practicing physical activity, dishes and dishes of salad, cholesterol levels, blood glucose, white blood cells and everything else. However, the truth is that the human body is so complex that health care as a whole is not the most appropriate. Each part of the body deserves special attention and unique, if we want to keep truly healthy.

6 Steps to Conquer Healthy Hair 1

Hair is no different. Don’t just take care of the color and trim once in a while, you need to take care constantly of the details so that the wires are always healthy. The tips below can help you, if your goal is this.

1 – Delete the double pointed

If you are leaving the hair grow, this tip is even more important. Delete the split ends frequently, to ensure that it will grow with more speed and with a more healthy appearance. What happens is that the split ends hinder the growth and make the hair look very bad, as if he were not well taken care of.

2 – Protect the hair

Believe it or not, the simple fact that you are now alive of jewish wire – without exaggeration. The pollution, the sun’s rays, the hair dryer, straightening iron and even washing end up damaging the health of the hair. The rule, then, is to protect them from these assaults daily. As it is not possible to control everything, invest in that can be changed by you: a product of protection against the heat of the dryer and the flat iron is able to operate wonders in order to help minimize the negative effects of these tools.

6 Steps to Conquer Healthy Hair 2

3 – Invest in a leave in

The “leave in” is a type of conditioner to be used after the bath. It can be applied on the wires, dry or wet, according to instructions of the product, and is not removed with water. This kind of cream replenishes vitamins lost, and leaves the aspect of hair much more healthy.

4 – Make a “caster” of the products

Some antibiotics may not be used for a long time, because the bacteria get used to them and no longer suffer its effects. What does this have to do with hair? The answer is “everything”. Your hair will also become immune to those products that you use every day. For this, the better they are the products that you use, do a relay with the other, swapping the shampoo and conditioner once or twice a week.

6 Steps to Conquer Healthy Hair 3

5 – Wash with cold water

The truth is that very few people enjoy a cold shower but, at least for the hair, it is necessary to keep the water as cool as is bearable. Hot water will “dry” the wires and, in some cases, may stimulate the production of dandruff, for example.

6 – Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate

No matter how much you moisturize your hair, hydrate it more and more. It does not cost to give that helping hand so that the wires remain with a good appearance – and hydration is the key to achieve this type of result. Hydrate in the lounge, yes, but also at home, using varied products a few times per week.