7.0 Android Nougat Begins to Reach The Range Half of The Hand of The Moto G4 and G4 Plus Moto

If something highlighted the first Moto Motorola G series models (in addition to its excellent value for money) was by pure Android integration and the rapidity with which came the updates, What site distancing them from most mid-range Android segment terminals and gave them a great attraction.

The G-series has evolved under the baton of Lenovo with the G4 Moto and Moto G4 Plus and, although part of the immediacy of yore have lost, It is still one of the fastest at the time of launch updates. In addition, the start of the update to Android Nougat for Moto G4 duo is a remarkable fact being mid-range equipment.

Slowly but surely

The latest data from different versions of Android distribution placed 6.0 Android Marshmallow as the most widely used version, at the time showing that the latest installment of the platform still has a long way to go.

Specifically, Android 7.0 is installed in 0.4% of devices, but in recent months there have been enough movement of updates, so it is expected that changes there are in this regard. In addition, no forget that some teams are updating Android 7.1, so the combination of both versions would be higher.

There is also the middle range

There is a fact to be highlighted and is that the terminals that have been updated, as well as the Pixel and the Nexus range, they belong to the high ranges. It is the case of teams like the 10 HTC and HTC One M9, the G5 LG or Sony Xperia XZ.

At the moment the mid-range still pending, with the exception of the G4 Moto and Moto G4 Plus. Some users have already begun to receive the update OTA 7.0 Android Nougat in their devices, although at the moment it is only unfolding in India, so it may take a while to reach around the world.

Catches you can see some details of the newly released update confirming that It is not a testing version or ‘soak test’, as they are often refer in Motorola launches in beta. However, as we said at the moment only has reached users resident in India, and is expected to be the next country Brazil.

Lenovo has not been the first to update your Moto Z (LG stepped forward les a few weeks), and although the G4 Moto from other countries may still take to receive their ration of Nougat, they seem committed to take care of the issue of the updates, and also for everyone, not just the high-end.

That Yes, will have to see what happens with models of earlier generations, and is that although in Lenovo they are still somewhat faster than the rest, that doesn’t mean that the topic of updates on Android still left much to be desired.