7 Reasons To Use Water Bottles As Containers For Food

Drinking water is important, and eat correctly also for that today we want to talk to you about Nalgene bottles as food containers and food.

Many people think that the Nalgene water bottles can be used only for that, drinking water or other type of liquids, but nothing is further from reality: our drums are versatile and can contain food both fresh as those that you keep in the kitchen when you prepare lunch or dinner.

Already you talked about 5 different applications that you could give to your Nalgene Bottle, and today we give you 7 reasons why a water container can be a very good container of food in your kitchen.

7 reasons to store food in your Nalgene Bottle and turn it into container for food

1 bottles that do not break

Nalgene all-purpose bottles are very resistant and it may be sensitive to everything, so if you keep food on them and, by accident, you drop the Pan, do not be afraid, won’t break and won’t have to spend the afternoon picking up pieces of glass.

2 bottles of water odor-free

Our water bottles not emit odors, which means that your food will not smell bad and that the smell of the food will not leak per bottle in the closet where to store it.

3. in your Nalgene Bottle fit many food

We have Multipurpose cans of 500 ml and 1 litre. Imagine the amount of food that can be there: chickpea, rice, pasta, dried fruits…

4 water bottles and containers for food without BPA

Increasingly more people are aware of the importance of having bottles without BPA, free of that substance to ensure your health and that of your loved ones.Both when you filled it with water, like when using it as a food vessel.

5 easy-to-wash bottles

Do you know how easy that is washing a Nalgene water bottle ? You can do it by hand or in the dishwasher (in the high drawer), dries in nothing and now returns to be ready as a vessel for food.

6. we have an own line of containers for food…

We have a series of storage canisters for all kinds of food. Canisters kitchen line Everyday to keep food and completely transparent so you can see the contents without having to open the lid.

7…. but also you can use Nalgene water bottles as containers for food

Although you can also use your lifetime Nalgene water bottle, as do many people. A clean and dry container to keep your food and access it easily when you want to cook.

Don’t forget your Nalgene water bottle

That Yes, don’t forget to have a water bottle Nalgene to drink water, juice, milk, tea, or what you want. Hydration is very important and we have a huge variety of water bottles for you at TOOLKITFORFISHING.COM.