8 Basic Brushes For A Perfect Makeup

The world of beauty is more and more complicated, nowadays there are so many products that it can scare you. Surely wondered: why there are so many different brushes? and what are they?

This is my easy super guide so that you buy only brushes that you’ll need and know to distinguish from each other.

To start not all they are made with the same materials, there are synthetic or natural hair bristles.A very simple rule that always apply is that the product I’m going to apply with brush is powder use brushes with natural bristles, but if it’s a liquid or cream, the synthetic work best because they absorb less product.

Another factor to consider is the density of each brush. But this Yes, depends on each area of the face where you going to use and the type of product you are going to apply.

The 4 Basic Brushes For The Face Are The Following:


This should be large, dense, soft and natural preference. It is the most common and the most indispensable.

For Base

Usually used to apply makeup in cream or liquid. It is synthetic and flat. Also any effect “blur” that are a bit more rounded. Its function is to seamlessly blend the product and not leave streaks.


These brushes are native to Japan, are natural, very soft and dense. They used to put the bronzer or powder loose across the face.


There are angled or rounded, are much smaller than that used for dust and non-dense (have more loose hairs). The synthetic, are ideal for cream blush.

The 4 Basic Brushes For Eyes Are:

For All Eyelid Shadows

These are the larger brushes for eyes, little dense, very post and can be synthetic or natural, the two operate.

For Blur

This is to me very important, a badly faded shadows are fatal. This brush is dense and not as smooth, must be your best brush, so you can work the shadows more accurately. There are also synthetic and natural.

To Outlining

They are super finite (have as 4 hairs, literal). But it is important that they are synthetic, because usually the eyeliner is gel, liquid or cream, so you apply the exact amount of product (and not “bristles suck it”).

For Eyebrow

This brush is very firm, has a cross section and is very dense. It serves to delineate the eyebrows with shadow or creams. Its form help that you can give very exact forms.

The point is probably do not need to buy them all, depends on what your makeup routine, the important thing is to think that it is an investment that is well worth it, because believe it or not, a good brush can make your makeup look thousand times better.

If you want to know about makeup brushes, go to SourceMakeup.