8 Tips to Make a Pajama Party Creative

Laura Garcia’s seven-year anniversary was coming, and the combination was: no party hall, with all sorts of toys and lots of guests. But the date, April 22, also could not go blank. That was when the idea of ​​a “pajama party” appeared, a format that had already been tested and approved by Laura’s colleagues.

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The idea itself is not new: fathers and mothers have long come together to organize fun evenings for the children to eat and play until they all fall asleep. What has changed is that now the parties have airs of overproduction, with decoration right, recreationists, special snacks and much more. Next, four organizers from Porto Alegre-Chayene Cheiran, member of the Flying Carpet Events, Juliane Hammerschmidt, Colorir Ateliê de Cabaninhas, Isabela Silva Belloli, partner of Vira Noite Pajama Party, and Daniela Giardin, of Le Petit Château-count the details:

  1. Advantage: fewer guests

The biggest difference between pajama parties and the classic birthday parties is in the amount of guests and in the fact that the parents of children are not included in the list. The number can range from four to 10 children, with some exceptions for partying. The party like Laura’s, made by the Flying Carpet, for example, is among the most popular: birthday for a small group, all girls. However, other celebrations like beginning of vacations and end of the school year are also reasons for a party of the collective pajama with friends.

  1. Night-time attractions

The party usually starts in the early evening and ends only the other day in the morning. Recreationists can follow the pitocos from start to finish, organizing various jokes, from classic board games to pajama parades. The most common age group is between six and seven years. Girls a little older, already entering adolescence, also opt for derivatives of the party, like the night of the spa, in which they do nails, hair and massage.

  1. Parents also enjoy

For those with four-year-olds who may not feel safe sleeping away from home all night long, the pajama party does not have to last for so many hours. And it can be a motto for a good night also among adults. In this case, the event can go from late afternoon to 10:00 pm: parents and children stay in the same house, but in separate rooms, each enjoying activities with their friends.

  1. Fun scenarios

The decoration is a highly valued item in the new pajama parties. A hit is the cabaninhas that spread through the room or the room, doing the jus to the theme camp. Lights, cushions, tents, books, slippers: everything becomes an attraction in the family home.

For the guavas, the most requested decoration is delicate, copying a garden with lots of floral, synthetic grass and led candles for lighting. The boys prefer a place that goes back to the jungle, with tents and camouflaged bedding.

  1. Snack time

The meal is a family choice, you can opt for the children’s favorite dishes. Snacks, hot dogs, popcorn and sweets: classic birthday foods are welcome. Some companies offer burger themed evenings or cupcakes workshops, where guests also put their hands in the dough, like another scheduled joke.

  1. And to fall asleep?

After all the jokes and snacks, it can be difficult to make everyone calm down and fall asleep, but the opportunity to sleep in cabins enchants the children. Especially when, the next day, they get breakfast straight into bed, with individual bags or personalized trays to eat right there in the “camp”. Right after breakfast, around 10:30 a.m., it’s time to say goodbye.

  1. To stay in the memory

In addition to the individual snacks kits for breakfast, the family can choose as a souvenir to give personalized toothbrushes, pajamas, robes and also slippers, all themed according to the party.

  1. Adult can also

Who said that only child makes pajama party? The designer Rafaela Camacho used the 23 year anniversary to do two things she likes best: gather friends and stay in pajamas. The cold of June, the month of her birthday, was yet another reason for her to celebrate with a night of pajamas:

“Since I’m not much of a fan of the cold, I decided to have a party where all the guests could be warm and comfortable,” Rafaela said.-I always wanted to have a themed birthday party and, because I love pajamas, and whenever I’m at home, I’m in my pajamas, I decided that that would be the theme.

Already at the invitation, she warned her friends that everyone had to go in for sleepwear. They loved the idea and followed the dress code to the letter. Even with the impossibility of letting 40 guests sleep in the party room, tents were set up by the company Colorir, in Porto Alegre, to give the desired camping climate.