9860 Touch BlackBerry Shows Its Possibilities in Video

It seems that RIM not eyebrow in their efforts to enter into the field of entirely tactile terminals, despite rumors that months ago circulated to spread the news of the abandonment of that segment of the market by the Waterloo. Good example of this is this BlackBerry 9850 or 9860, whether CDMA or GSM version respectively, which not only can be seen on video with a very elegant appearance, but it also seeks to make it clear that you can mark a before and an after in this segment with respect to the disastrous Storm range.

Torch, Volt, or Touch. Any of three nicknames are valid when temporarily referring to a device that still is not officially baptized. Aside from this issue, yes we can appreciate what design lines that denote certain refinement and good taste in the betting by a device of big screen (3.7 inches) able to move BlackBerry OS 7 at your leisure and with total fluidity.

However, we should expect to test the first units of the model to check the autonomy that can offer this very fine equipped terminal with almost in exclusivity with a touch screen. I.e., a very high resource consumption for a battery that offers us small priori.

Undeniable is the ease of the combination of a refurbished hardware, as well as the operating system, When it comes to interact on or with any other application, there is no just timeouts between one and another action. We also observed the new virtual keyboard that comes standard with the new Terminal RIM begins to distribute in successive months, whose response has nothing to envy to any of the physical keyboards of any other model of the multinational.