A Jersey By Syria

The Syrian refugee crisis is the result of a tragedy that already lasts 4 years and once more children is the collective more vulnerable.

We Have Decided To Collaborate With Unicef

They carry since the onset of the crisis working in Syria with a team of 536 persons responsible for the basic needs of children and their families.

He is currently need urgent help on basic needs such as:

Water, sanitation and hygiene: Access to drinking water

Health: Vaccines against Polio

Nutrition: supplements to fight malnutrition

Education: Learning programs and educational materials

Protection: Psychological support to deal with the trauma

How Can You Help?

In the past world of MTB in Andorra, we contacted the best riders of the MTB world  and they have agreed to sign this Jersey with the aim of raising awareness and help to palliate this situation.

We Are Giving Away The Jersey Among All The People Who Contribute Money To Unicef

They Have Signed Jersey

Jaroslav Kulhavy (Czech Republic), José Antonio Hermida (Spain), Sergio Mantecón(Spain), Marco Aurelio Fontana (Italy), Aaron Gwin (United States), Simon Andreassen(Denmark), Emily Batty (Canada), Daniel McConnell (Australia), Carlos Coloma (Spain) and David Valero (Spain).

With Very Little Can Be Much

25 euros, UNICEF can treating 20 children with severe acute malnutrition during a day

50 euros, 87 children can have access to drinking water for one week

80 euros, UNICEF can send 2 first aid kits to respond to the emergency