A Shepherd Dog Training!

All about learning of the shepherd dog!

Some dogs are real professionals! Trained in a trade, they bring a real added value to the activity of their master, who would be very embarrassed without them! This is the case of the breeders. Direct and gather the cattle, to either a whole team of people, a man and a dog! And how do we get this valuable result? It takes patience, rigour and a few rules that I will introduce.

The Work of the Shepherd Dog

The Shepherd’s dog, or dog of conduct has specific tasks to be performed. He must collect animals by ensuring that any kind of the herd. He lead them following the directions of his master, a place he knows already, as the Treaty room or the fold, either to a destination that tells him his master as and when.

It can take care of sheep or cattle herds. His presence allows the master to be less stressed, less tired and more concentrated on the welfare of his flock. For animals, it’s also more reassuring to deal with a dog to a group of people running and screaming!

Beware, the shepherd dog is not a dog for protection. On the other hand, continually maintain the herd group is a safety factor.

Prerequisites For Starting Dressage

We don’t throw a dog in front of a herd without validating a number of prerequisites before, starting with the race!

The Breed and Strain of the Dog

Some breeds are completely unfit for driving. Others however have a fascination with the herds and an instinct that allows them to quickly understand how circumscribe.

First, we think of course the Border Collie, which is both efficient, precise and fast. Do not forget other race, also very talented for the job. The Beauceron, the Kelpie, Berger Pyrenees and many others are also able to do a very good job!

However, it is better to choose a non cross dog.

Once chosen, must be interested in the strain: the ancestors of the puppy were good driving dogs? The ideal is to have the opportunity to see the parents of the puppy.

The Prerequisite Training

Before you begin, there that the young dog has already almost reached its adult size and he has learned to recognize his name and respond to simple orders : the reminder, ‘no’, the stop sign, the “sex”. It is essential that a relationship of complicity sincere tie the dog and his master.

The Rules of the Shepherd Dog Training

Dressage is a long and rigorous process here are some rules necessary but not sufficient:

The Steps According to the Age of the Dog

From 2 months, we can start to train the dog to the life of the farm and its name. On the other hand, should under no circumstances confront the herd until there 8-10 months. You may discourage him and put him in danger.

From 5/7 months, you can however start to teach him more specific orders.

As a first step, choose the ewes or heifers: lighter and less stubborn, the work will be easier for a beginner!

The Actions Useful For the Shepherd Dog Training

The dog work by circling the animals. He must learn now to never cross the herd to join his master and never go through the “forbidden triangle”: the area between his master and the herd. He should be encouraged to place themselves in a position “6 h – 12 h”.

A good working dog is not a pet dog. He needs a Kennel or a niche to which it is attached. He should not have access at home or playing with the children, under penalty of no longer tell the difference between work and play.

When he is in a difficult situation, he needs help so he are reassured and take confidence in him. Is he the authority between the beasts and the master.

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