About IP Security Cameras

Buy an IP camera is good, but is it enough? More and more home automation packages are available on the internet, is a worthwhile investment? Zoom on these packs automation and utility at home.

Ip camera, we have seen in other articles, it’s good, but is it enough? Well it will depend on your use and why you buy an IP camera.

A home automation pack, what is it?

Imagine your installation, your IP camera is placed in your living room and overlooks the front door, your window opening sensor is located in the kitchen, and your alarm siren is ready to sound the slightest signal. The set is often connected to a home automation gateway that provides an opportunity for connected objects to communicate.

What’s the point ?

Having an IP camera at home is great, but this is sometimes not enough. High-end cameras like theLogitech 1080p Circle usually incorporate a cloud service for storing videos, but this is not necessarily the case for all, and some users prefer to keep their data at home. What about then a recorder which would keep the data in your IP camera?

Similarly, imagine you had planned the camera location on the windows and door down, but someone managed to enter through the windows of the first floor, an additional camera connected to the previous and motion detectors would be useful!

Different accessories for different uses

We have just seen, there are many accessories that can accompany a home automation pack.

Digital recorders

Most of the time, the IP cameras are only what they are asked, ie filming … but they have no internal memory, and if you want to save it film, it will either pay a cloud service or buy a digital recorder. This recorder can be very handy when you are away. If you can not see at the time that a problem happens at home, the recorder will take care of everything.

Presence detectors

Some IP cameras are equipped with internal sensors, but sometimes buy next or home automation packages to complete your installation.

These are small sensors that can be placed anywhere in your home and who will monitor the movements in the room where they are placed. The advantage of these sensors is that they usually have better viewing angle the cameras, and they are also more discreet.

They can operate in conjunction with a camera, because if a sensor is activated, it can automatically prevent the IP camera of a presence. This one will then start shooting, and also prevent you by phone.

The contact sensors

They are placed on your windows and doors and reveal whether they are open or not.

In the same way that the detectors, Securitypology can prevent the IP security camera to a possible intrusion so that it starts recording.

A small selection of home automation packages

D-Link DCH-100kt, a starter kit

This kit is composed of a camera, a motion detector, and a smart plug. What a smart decision? But what is it ?

In the kit, the jack will allow you to turn on or off attached devices. It will also enable monitoring power consumption, manage an ignition timing. This is not linked directly to the IP camera you will say yes but we come here in home automation, a wide area and more than interesting!

We can propose articles on home automation in general. Tell us in comments if you’d be interested in this kind of product!

Arlo by Netgear, two cameras are better than one

With this kit it is not one but two IP cameras will be installed at home. They are provided with their base station will be connected together.

The advantage is that the cameras can be used indoors and outdoors, why not enjoy it? These cameras record in 720p and an integrated motion detector.

Ho, and they are 100% wireless, batteries are supposed to take 4 to 6 months in normal use, what to see coming some time!