Access Security Cameras Directly from Google Chrome

CCTV View is an extension for Google Chrome that facilitates access to security cameras.With the tool, you can view up to 16 cameras and web cams images from the browser.

The developer explains that he created the application in order to visualize several cameras with more practicality.You can view the image you want without having to leave your browser window.

The process of importing the images is simple.The developer demonstrates the adaptation to Google Chrome through two softwares, Zoneminder and Motion, which he uses to access security cameras.

On the Zoneminder main page, click on the name of a camera to open the watch window.This window displays an image that refreshes more or less every 5 seconds.

In the clock window, right click on the image and select “Copy image url”.Paste this URL into CCTV View.To open it, click the browser tools icon and follow the path “Tools> Extensions> CCTV View> Options”.

Select the “Cameras” tab and paste the URL into the image field.Once you have one or more urls filled in, click on the toolbar and look for the output of your camera, displayed in the pop-up window.

In the pop-up window, you must click on the individual images to refresh the image.When you close and open the pop-up window, all images will be updated at once.

When using Motion, you need to put the IP address and webcam_port for the camera on the program server.This can usually be found in “/etc/motion.conf” or in file segments if you have multiple cameras.Normally you should configure your cameras with port 8081, 8082 or 8083 etc.