Accessories for a Single Shoulder Dress

A single shoulder dresses is time have come to stay and are very attractive clothes that make women look sexy and beautiful to show a bit of skin. It may be for night parties, important events and even a casual look at summer, everything will depend on the model of dress you choose. 

So in this article I will tell you what accessories use a one-shoulder dress. So pay close attention:

  1. shoes:

A single shoulder dresses are providing glamour and elegance to any woman who dares to wear it put, and is for this reason that you should use it with some nice heels that estilicen your figure and at the same time make you wear a longer leg. Below some suggestions:

Salon shoes are a great option that combines very well with almost any style of dress, also be very comfortable.

* The peep toe are those shoes that show the toes and now day have become a classic, because I will tell you that it is thanks to its sophisticated design and comfort. They are perfect to combine with one-shoulder dress and, if you already opted for a model with front platform to wear fashion.

* Whether it is cocktail dress, short or long, beautiful sandals with a heel are the best bets to complete your look and you’ll look fabulous. Also in the summer your feet will thank you very much and you will be able to withstand the heat without any problem.

2 bags:

Another must-have accessory to complete the look and complement a single shoulder dress is a stylish bag that combines very well with the shoes. To not subtract protagonism to the detail of the dress you have to opt for a medium bag and that is suitable for the type of occasion you are going to go. For example, handbags are most appropriate for formal events and, instead, for informal occasions you can opt for a shoulder bag type that is currently fashionable.

3 belts:

Usually one-shoulder dresses don’t need belts, but there are unique designs that will look much better if the appropriate model is included. A single volume and pleated shoulder dresses or that simulates two pieces and mark the figure much more if complemented with a belt, choose one that is not very wide to not reload the outfit. Fine and shiny belts are preferred or rhinestone long gala dresses or evening events.

  1. jewelry:

Highlight with large jewels clothing is something that it has become very fashionable, but should always be very careful not to overshadow your dress with many beads. A single shoulder dresses accept bracelets, large earrings and rings in the arm which is completely bare, and avoided the maxi necklaces.

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