According To Which Criteria Men Choose Their Watches

Unlike women, women do not necessarily have to look at the optics when they choose a new watch. There are quite different things of importance. First and foremost, evolutionary biological things also play a role, the man is hunters and collectors, so it is often also about this feeling of having wanted.

The more difficult a watch is to get, which is particularly the case with limited editions, the greater the desire to acquire the sought after object. And in the process, things like price and technical function play a very important role, the more expensive and better equipped a watch, the more it acts as a status symbol and, as is generally known, men like to decorate themselves with static symbols of any kind Coveted watches, the Rolex Daytona is in the steel version, which you have to wait a few years for, but it is worth the bulk of the men in any case.
But other brands also attract and attract the male buyers with special editions, which are only produced in limited numbers. Best example from the middle price class is Certina , which with a F1 Team Limited Edition, the collector’s heart beat faster, also by Certina is a limited edition of the DS Podium GMT
But also TW Steel is jumping on this train and has launched a very popular chronograph with the Zanzibar Tech Pirate Black.

So, if you want to push the male sex, you have to suggest to him that when you buy a certain product in our case, you will call a watch, something special, unique, that makes him stand out from the crowd and thus automatically at the other Sex makes it interesting. This is also what motivates men in their behavior, they want to position them and bring out their splendid sides as effectively as possible. This is, of course, not a psychological treatise on the Spekmann, but it is interesting to see that the purchasing behavior of men and women is partly driven by quite different motives.
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