Acht Van Chaam 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 8 of Chaam. Brabant village of Cham has a long and rich tradition in cycling. From 1898 Chaamse organized bike club? Ever Onward? various competitions in Cham and environment. The most important thing was for many years a one-day event for amateurs, which began in London and finished in Baarle-Nassau.

It was often organizational issues because many municipalities had little effect in the area to participate in the game. One of the most fervent opponents in this bike race was a Christian mayor, who was in principle against which the cyclists with bare legs were cycling through his Church.

The Eight

To avoid such problems in the future, the Bicycle Club “Ever Onward”, when she wanted to organize a pro race in 1933, that this clause would only go through the territory of the commune of Cham.
Because this contest would be co-financed by grants from the cafes along the trail, was ousted a path that would make so many pubs in Chaam on. This created a route that looked like an eight. Why was this contest called “The Eight Van Cham.


The first editions of the Acht van Chaam operated may, during the fair in Cham.
Later it was decided to leave to drive the race shortly after the Tour de France. This allows the Acht van Chaam could take advantage of the bicycle hype generated annually around the Tour.
Today, eight of the Cham is the oldest surviving pro race in the Netherlands.

UCI race

Because natourcriteriums has the picture that they often have more to do with the show than sports, that organizers decided in the 1990s to change the intent of the eight Cham. Between 1994 and 1997 was the race official is not a criterion, but an international one-day events on the UCI calendar.
Upon closer inspection, the organizers were still not satisfied with the new formula. Who among other things was because they had to comply with various requirements of the International Cycling Federation. Because of these rules, for example, they had less freedom in the choice of the rider field. UCI rules ensured that the circle that had to do the riders, many would be longer, while the audience was much more attractive if the drivers were forced to fill out a short round, because they do not have to wait long for drivers to see you pass.
As from 1998 the Acht van Chaam is no longer one-day events on the UCI calendar, but again only one criterion.

Program 2011

  • In 2011, riding the junior ladies and newcomers girls at half past ten in the morning?? all first aid kit. Their race is about 40 kilometers.
  • At a quarter to twelve start newbies boys. The game is also about 40 kilometers.
  • The juniors are one o’clock in the afternoon on the turn, for a speed of 60 kilometers.
  • The elite men and promise to start on a 2:45 for a speed of 80 kilometers.
  • At five o’clock the elite women’s tour. They get a rate of 60 kilometers.
  • At a quarter to seven in the evening begins the professionals. The match of the pros is 100 kilometres long.

Participants in 2011

Usually the second rest day of the Tour de France announced the main participants of the Acht van Chaam.

Entertainment 2011

There is also an extensive programme on 73 Edition of the Acht van Chaam.
Tire Without the banana, the Avalanche Boys and Glennis Grace performing.