Addicted to Luxury, Report of Antenna 3 Review

I didn’t see it at the time, but my friend Oscar sent it me now, so after seeing it, I’d like to discuss with you the report. Antenna 3, street style, presented in their scheduled research To fund, a report entitled ‘Addicted to luxury’.

I believe that both this as the program of four ‘ 21 days of luxury ‘, they are based on a key mistake, constantly asking price, although it is true that a luxury home can attract us much, a luxury yacht can be the envy of many, but be asking all the time seems totally unnecessary, we talked about it here on more than one occasion.

The story begins with three spectacular luxury homes certainly and enchanted live with one of the passions of Embelezzia, spectacular, bath with views of Mallorca, dreaming of summer already?

“It is not a luxury, it is a comfort”, It is what one of the Barcelona youth who rented a limousine for the night. OK, what MIME this luxury for me is, but helicopter… time is gold and the concept of space – time fast, effective and exclusive, yes it would come into my dreams.

Another of the experiences that we see is an entrepreneur of Marbella, owner of nightclubs, that comes to shopping in Paris. She presents her home, their wardrobes, as all women. The difference, her account with its own Cabinet refrigerated for skins, all a wardrobe of shoes in Limited Edition, Chanel, exclusive bags separate color-coded jackets…

Yes, a Hermes perfect for shopping. Valentino and Dior, travel shopping. The journalist is surprised when in a beauty salon call for 150 euros by combing. Perhaps excessive, but when one goes to a beauty salon and the question is… do for a bride? There begins the rate, so it seems to me that we are speaking the same language.

Chopard It is another of the visits. A Luxury Watch for her husband, a necklace of dream, and if it is not to buy, it is possible that a loan is what decides the jewelry firm. Yes, a world of luxury.

The Luxury Yacht Charter they are the next reference point. From a yacht with four cabins and 4 bathrooms, to one with a room of nearly 50 meters, to see in detail the largest yacht built by a Spanish shipyard. Turkish bath for the shipowner, suites, lift, and capacity to be up to four months without seeing port. Without a doubt, the boat embelezzia.

The story of Ferrari racing I not interested, things as they are. But the moment of wine in the hotel Marqués de Riscal, and the vineyards of La Rioja, No doubt.

And, again, a program error, focus on luxury boutiques only to ask prices. I’ll take a final phrase, “more than the chakras, relax the diamonds”, I do not know does insofar as these reports we do not read, but the cabin from La Mer beauty treatments already incorporates the beauty treatment with precious stones.

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