Adidas Star Wars Shoes 2015

The rival gangs of the next installment of Star Wars don’t will compete in space-and film-in December 2015, but on Earth, the brand with the three bands already launching the offensive.

A “Galactic” line of sneakers for children

Adidas surfed the craze for the famous saga created by George Lucas, according to WhichEverHealth. Moreover, the new episode, which was released on December 18, is expected to revive the interest of many fans for derivatives.
The brand so has unveiled a unique collection of sneakers, directly inspired by the color codes and the universe of the heroes of the franchise. Unfortunately for you gentlemen, these urban sneakers are exclusively designed for fans of the most popular characters in the film children.

For each camp, high-performance models

Young fans of the dark side of the Force will necessarily opt for the ZX 700 Darth Vader sneakerin smooth mesh. Black and slightly sparkling, this model is adorned serrated hard rubber soles and a fluorescent orange Interior.

Admirers of the wise master Yoda will choose, for their part, the Adidas Top Ten Yoda Kicks, a pair of sneakers city very rising, white and smooth mesh, garnished with explained promoting aeration. The forefront of laces has a ‘Star’ mention in relief, and the thick sole – soft and sturdy rubber – showing off in neon yellow.

These Multi Sport models especially to display the colors of his favorite in the schoolyard Star Wars characters. Besides, the collection should expand in the weeks before the release of the film.
Finally, rest assured, gentlemen: adults should also be entitled to clothing, shoes and other accessories in the colours of the mythical saga by the end of the year.