Adjust Acer And Asus Netbook Production

Is the end of netbooks. The last two major computer manufacturers have stopped production to 1 january 2013 with asus and acer. After around five years to disappear the small notebooks from the technology world and make room for tablets, ultrabooks and conventional laptops.

ASUS was the beginning and the end

ASUS caused a late 2007, early 2008 with the first eeepc sensation and almost all computer manufacturers their own netbooks on the market brought in the following months. Sales developed well, only the profit margin was lower than in the huge

notebooks. She was even smaller, because linux not prevailed as the operating system and windows XP, for which royalties were due, experienced a second spring. In addition, the narrow guidelines under which microsoft sold its old software for the devices, limited the discretion of the manufacturer a.

Several reasons for decline of netbooks

Only a company consistently refused to jump on the netbook bandwagon: Apple. CEO steve jobs predicted a short future the mini-laptops and should keep right. In his first statements to these devices, hardly anyone knew that jobs would contribute to the end of netbooks with the ipad. Buyers prefer attack to a tablet as a small notebook. Light and mobile laptops on the market, which have significantly more power and cost of course more came with the ultrabooks. Also dropped the prices for conventional laptops.

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Replacement is provided

Were the last two major manufacturers of netbooks acer and ASUS. Previously, samsung, HP, and dell production had finished. Netbooks may soon disappear from the shelves of electronics stores and the warehouses of the online retailer, but no one has to forgo its feel. The ipad and other tablets with android, windows RT or windows 8 to be with bluetooth and put on keyboards like a netbook use.