Advantages and Disadvantages of Mattresses AutoinflÁVeis

Who is accustomed to camp know that invariably we have to take a lot of stuff, including equipment to spend the night with some comfort. To sleep you’ll probably have a sleeping bag, but what to put down? What do you use to make the insulation from the cold, moisture and the irregularities of the ground?
Some people use the traditional foam mattresses, other air mattresses, some people only use the thermal insulator of EVA and also has the autoinfláveis mats, which are a “mixture” of it all! Understand better how they are:
Each tag works with features and specific materials, but in general are like mattresses, with a kind of insulating foam inside.Pretty thin, are tops with 5 cm, when inflated. Are called autoinflaveis because, simply open the valve for he “absover” the air. The advantage is to have a certain comfort, combined with thermal insulation. See below for comparisons that we did and also specifications of the characteristics of each of the above brands.
Advantages and disadvantages
The main advantage is that it gathers in a same equipment both the comfort of a pad and the function of thermal insulation.
> If comparing with a EVA insulation, mattresses autoinfláveis has a similar volume (depending on the brand a bit larger), are quite heavier, but offer more comfort.
> If comparing with an air mattress, mattresses autoinfláveis has a similar volume, but are lighter and has the advantage that you don’t have to keep filling, or flunk, as the name implies, are “autoinfláveis”. With respect to the comfort is very relative, there are people who don’t sleep well in air mattresses. Another problem is that the air mattress does not make the appropriate heat insulation depending on the cold and the unit.
> Compared with a foam mattresses, mattresses autoinfláveis take up less volume, of course (it all takes up less volume than a foam mat!), and with respect to the comfort is also very concerning since despite all the modernity has people who don’t give up the good old foam mat.
Grants below more information of each of the above models: (Although each brand call: autoinflável, Mattress Pad Autoinflável and Insulation, the proposal of the three brands be a pad-insulating autoinflável.)
The Cheetah has only one model. From the picture you can see well that when rolled up size is really quite similar and an insulator of EVA.
Dimensions: 6 ‘ 1 x 55 cm x 3 cm-weight: 1, 2 kg
The Autoinflável Mattress from Coleman has two models, with and without travesseio.
Without Pillow: dimensions: 1.83 m x 60 cm x 4 cm-weight: 1, 6 kg
With Pillow: dimensions: 1.93 m x 60 cm x 5 cm-weight: 2 kg (aprox.)
The Hummer has three models of insulators: the difference between the models is the format, the thickness and the pillow.
Contort: dimensions: 1, 80 m x 50 cm x 3, 5 cm-weight: 1, 05 kg
Mummy: dimensions: 1, 80 m x 50 cm x 2, 5 cm-weight: 0, 76 kg
Pillow: dimensions: 1, 86 m x 50 cm x 3, 5 cm-weight: 1, 30 kg

To learn more about the product confers this video with a review of this the Cheetah.
To learn more about this specifically insulating multiple antswebsite
In short:
If you often go camping and don’t mind the weight and want a certain comfort, it pays to invest in a pad like that.
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