Agua de Coco Brazilian Bikini

In search of the perfect new swimsuit continue with the review of the best collections of swimsuits. This time we will look at an exotic and very luxurious swimwear collection Brazilian brand Agua de Coco new fashion line of designer Liana Tomaz called “Turkish portrait”. Inspired by the natural phenomenon Pamukkale, famous for its odd rock terraces and spas, which allegedly beautify. According to legend, the Queen Cleopatra maintained her beauty there. The angel of Vicotira’s Secret Candice Suonepol the role of modern Cleopatra in a photo shoot for the advertising campaign swimwear Agua de Coco enjoy gorgeous photos with charming Candace amid fluffy cliffs, azure waters and an amazing luxury swimwear collection.

Will disappoint you if you expect to see conservative swimsuit in oriental spirit, on the contrary, the new line includes Agua de Coco extremely beautiful bathing suits in various styles. In it you will find: elegant whole swimsuit attractive topless, exquisite bikinis and retro swimwear 50s that look sexy and show sufficient flesh.

The exotic orient is felt more in the very vision of swimwear – in ornatepatterns with drapes in saturated colors and gold ornaments which are part of the fashion trends for swimwear.

particularly impressive are the accessories that are far from typical beach jewelry. Massive gold bracelets adorn the hands of Candice. Like the exotic beauties of the harem of the Sultan, it brings heavy bracelets made ​​of solid gold, several of both hands. Some swimsuits are complemented by a broad gold bracelets above the elbow, and one of the models is woven entirely of gold lace. The brilliance of precious metal perfectly contrasts with the saturated colors of swimsuits and color scheme resembles the colors of diamonds – emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue and turquoise. In addition monochrome swimwear Agua de Coco presents several models with sharper digital prints. The new collection has a very interesting piece bathing with the imprint of fish swim in two parts with top short top with beautiful lace footprint, extremely feminine swimwear bikini with top tie in navy blue print and others.