Alexander McQueen, Hussein Chalayan and Mihara Yasuhiro

With the good weather arrives the Operation Pibón or rather the time in which we begin to take off our clothes and the pounds that we have taken during the cold months. But already you can go forgetting make running or go down to the gym with that old shirt from Banana Republic, which are the only ones that last and last, although they are a vestige of the year of COU in the U.S..

The sportswear firm PUMA is willing to be the most fashionable when we do sport and knowing that sports clothes are not exactly elegant, it has relied on Alexander McQueen, Hussein Chalayan and Mihara Yasuhiro to suffer in style, is the collection more trendy PUMA, the Black Label Collection.

Curious latest collection shoes PUMA by Mihara Yasuhiro of the German shoe company. The design is by the Japanese Mihara Yasuhiro, who launched his first line of shoes in 1994 while he was still at the Tama Art University. Praised by the innovative modernist design style, Mihara soon translated its vision on his label’s footwear 1997 “Miharayasuhiro”.

PUMA knew with whom collaborated, Mihara Yasuhiro after paraded in Milan for four seasons, decided to present his men’s collection in Paris. Mihara SS09 collection earned such critical success was specifically chosen by as one of the TOP designers collections 10 of greatest men displayed in Paris.

Hussein Chalayan, British origin Turkish Cypriot, famous fashion designer to integrate in their tissues electronic devices to synchronize with the “light” and “sound” and give “mobility” to their parades. The best-known British garment is white jacket that looked Björk on the cover is your Post drive.

Twice crowned “British Designer of The Year”, appointed member of the order of the British Empire in June and 20 collections to his credit, has exhibited his works at the 51 Biennale of Venice (2005, representing Turkey), the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London, 2003), Victoria & Albert Museum (London, 2001), Tate Modern (London, 2001), and Musée de la Mode, Palais du Louvre (Paris, 1999), among others.

In terms of collaboration with Alexander McQueen, It is so current that whatever your favorite sport you’ll be of the more stylish. The truth is giving with these items, wanted to sign up for any sport. PUMA has successful heart with this Black Label collection