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I still owe you something… A story, namely, what Provence has to do with Hamburg. So actually yes nothing… as far as I can judge with my amateur knowledge. 

So far, I was only twice in the Hansestadt and still never in Provence-although, I was already in Nice. But that’s been around forever… puhhhh… on the other hand, it can not be so long ago, because I’m not so old at all… Or yet…. Ahem…  But I digress…

I owe you all something… ..I owe you a story.That is to say. Up to now I’ve been just twice in the Hanseatic city and never in the Provence… but then again, I was in Nice. But that was ages ago… phew… but it can not have been so long ago because I’m not that old … .or maybe I am… .. ahem…. :-)… but I am wandering away from the theme…

Nice Conversation

Anyway, I can say with certainty, also without any geographical expertise… Hamburg is quite far away from the French Mediterranean coast… except.. L’Occitane makes the German harbor city unsafe according to LOVERISTS.COM. At the same time, when I was driving at BONITA , the French cosmetics brand had a presseevent in another hotel in HH. That I was not invited there-I would like to overlook generously-I had no time anyway… hehe In any  case, one of the PR ladies (I think it was a very important PR lady) in the plane next to me, when It went back to Munich. But important back and forth… she was nice and we entertained during the short flight time very well.

Enjoyable Conversation

Anyhow, I can not say anything without any specific geographical knowledge. That is not the case Visiting BONITA, the French cosmetic brand were holding a media event in another hotel in Hamburg. I was not invited-we will not talk about that now-anyway I had no time… .hee hee In any case a PR lady sitting beside me what in the plane (I think it was a very important PR lady) as we Were returning to Munich. Well, it’s a very nice lady.

L’Occitane Does Not Only Make Hand Cream

The products from the Provence I know “just” from my really well-stocked pharmacy around the corner. The small hand cream boxes are ne good gift idea … So I can always be a pleasure with it (…and only in the case, my postal address you find in the imprint ;-))). But also Verbene (a delicious, lemony fragrance) is a term for me … However, that L’Occitane also makes in the face care area has so far totally passed me…. Of course, I have stuffed my knowledge immediately with the help of an “old hare” in the L’Occitane area. Irit from the FabForties wrote some informative articles about the Porsche of the French cosmetics and at the Allertollsten is that there is still something to win today-so nothing to the FabForties . Also, I was at the local L’Occitane store.Funnily, the nice lady from the plane, the lady in the yellow cosmetics store had told me and so she knew immediately who I am… I was happy about it…

L’Occitane Does Not Make Makeup

I “only” the pharmacy around the corner. I can not wait to see you again, but I can not wait to see you again I have a lot of fun with it, but I can not wait to see it again. Occitane. Irit of the Fabforties has written some informative articles about the Crème de la Crème of French cosmetics. As well as that I was in my local L’Occitane shop.Funnily enough the nice woman in the plane had already told the woman in the yellow cosmetic store about me… so she knew immediately who I was… That really made me happy …

All Jeans-Today With Blow

The first question I asked the female Provence guru was: How do you pronounce it? I did not know it and was not sure whether the local pharmacy woman with her pronunciation was so right… If you are the same – a YT video creates remedy… And by the way, this post is NOT about advertising… the have I did because I wanted to tell you about my interesting travel experiences … and there are even two more. Among other things, a man who has been a child star in the 1950s. But maybe another time … … and now: all jeans!Have a good start in the weekend…: – *

All Denim-Today Flared

The first question I asked the female how do you pronounce it? I did not know what it was. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. And by the way, this post is NOT an advertisement… I wrote to this post because I wanted to tell you about my interesting while while travelling… .and there are two more of them. One of them was a man who was a child star in the 1950s. But maybe I’ll tell you about that another time … …. And now: all denim! Have a good start to the weekend…: – *