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Designer handbags  are a luxury and attention. Who doesn’t want, doesn’t it? But unfortunately you can’t invest the time. The majority of the population lies with the popular models, as good as, without either name on the market, but, even so, usual and good length. An example of popularity and brand without much glamour is the  Ana Luxory.

Maybe you don’t know the bags Ana Luxory. That’s because this is a generic brand. Explaining: a manufacturer of handbags that created a brand and multi-brand market drop. Has no boutique, has no brand and neither appears in parades. Can eventually be seen in editorials of fashion magazines, but still not so popular as well. Is a generic brand, inspired by famous brands, trends with quality material. Is to buy more for less according to preorderhandbags.

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The brand focuses on the visual basic and diary. Are scholarships by the own price to invest in variety and change every day. All are made in synthetic material and some in ecological leather, reuse of materials to rid the environment of rubbish. In addition to being inexpensive, the bags still think Luxory Ana environment. Cool, isn’t it?

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For being a generic trademark, you must find handbags Ana Luxory on the market with a strong resemblance to famous brands. Shoulder bag models look like Prada and Tommy and some remember the Louis Vuitton. The prints are not the same, but there are similarities in some traits and the provisions of pockets and zippers glaring. Isn’t imitation and you are buying an original bag, but remember direct scholarship famous brands.

The brand works with saddle-bags and the medium basically. Don’t have backpacks and or satchel Mailman, but some have extra grip to become. Also has maxi purses and wallet style. The variation of models is much smaller than the colors. Ana Luxory works with trendy colors and rarely prints. It’s more a combination of plain colors in the same article. The brown color is the basis for most of the models, and the black comes on time. There are still red, yellow, blue, green, pink and the combination of all these tones in a single bag.

For your eco-leather and synthetic products, the careful maintenance is essential. One of them is to not use any abrasive product and or wash and let the Sun dry it should be in the shade, or create spots. Must also be kept in a dry place and airy not to rot.

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The best handbags Ana Luxory is even your price. The more expensive models come to only $ $120! The handbags arrive at only $ $80. Great, right?

To buy, look for multibrand stores like Rakuten and random vendors.You can be a reseller Ana Luxory too. Just look for the brand representatives and buy wholesale discount. Friends can join and buy in wholesale as well.

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