Analysis: Tablet of the Gradient Impresses by Speed

One of the most potent tablets in the world reaches Brazil by the gradient. The same company that disputes the brand “iphone” with Apple is responsible for launching a mobile device of respect. This is the Tegra Note, a device manufactured by the Brazilian in partnership with NVidia, which was in the hands of the Digital look in the Brazil Game Show.

The Tegra Note line is a project from NVidia. The tablet is planned with company technology and ceded so other manufacturers can produce it. In Brazil, this manufacturer is the gradient, but other companies distribute it in other locations.

Companies Promise Tegra Note is the world’s fastest 7-inch tablet. This is due to the fact that he is the only one with the Nvidia chip Tegra 4, the most potent of the company for mobile devices, while other competitors in the same size range are only with the Snapdragon 600, like the new Nexus 7, from Asus, which has already been surpassed by the Snapdragon 800 as the most powerful of Qualcomm.

We have not been able to test other tablets to confirm the assertion, but it is possible to say for sure that the Tegra Note is fairly fast, both to perform screen transitions with fluidity, as to run games; Everything was done with great quality and agility.

The tablet runs Android 4.2.2 in its pure version, as seen in the Nexus line, which ensures a smoother usage experience, since the system does not count with bloatware manufacturers. The OS also becomes lighter, which requires less processing.

In the processing aspect, you can still compare it to the Nvidia Shield, the portable console launched. (See our review) The two have the same Tegra 4 processor, including the same clock, which shows that at least in the subject games, the Tegra Note is not for jokes.


The tablet is quite comfortable to hold with only one hand. The 7-inch size is excellent for portability and comfort in use, as it allows it to be insured with one hand. The design is also pleasant to the eyes and brings a texture on the back that seems to make the insured firmer more firmly.

Another important information about Tegra Note is that it was planned to have two speakers on the front of the device, which facilitates audio playback. Ideal for Android Games and media execution, it helps a lot to have a more faithful sound experience.