Android 4.4 KitKat: Starting In October, 64-Bit Support?

The rumor mill bubbling around the next Android version.While the October launch is well fixed, are 64-bit support and a slim design possible – if you can believe gel files images.

That Google makes common cause “4.4 KitKat” with Nestlé at its next Android version, never tasted so many fan – finally the Swiss food group has covered itself in recent years by some questionable actions, which called especially environmentalists on the plan, not just with fame. Why Google needs such a partner, also questionable to money hardly likely lack the Californians.

Nestlé employees reveals start

Whatever the reason, early September had a huge Kit Kat-Android figure on the company premises in mountain view, and it became clear that the name “Key Lime Pie” was a red herring or a future version will be lifted.

Soon also the launch of the new operating system was officially announced, if also probably rather accidentally. A leader of the German “KitKat”-Facebook page on demand, announced that the update “will expected in October”. It can no longer take long, probably the new version is, along with the next Google Smartphone LG Google nexus 5 on the net, the speech is presented, by October 14 as the date.

Slim design and 64-bit?

As regards the new features, so there is still nothing official, but already some rumors. As Google unveiled its future plans for Android Forum developers on the Intel Developer. A corresponding photo, which shows the future “Android improvements”, was to Androidheadlines a week ago released. After that, there will be soon including a support of 64-bit processors in addition to optimized drivers, and browser. It had Apple iPhone 5S catered for attention with its 64-bit processor.

There were more pictures on the weekend on 9 to 5 Google to see that you want to show Android 4.4 in action. These show a new interface for the phone app, a revised SMS app with the options at the top of the screen, gray icons in the status bar and overall a flatter design that this a little on the new Apple iOS Our site it is but from counterfeits.