Android in Spain: Being So High Only Downloadable

A while ago we have presented at Engadget Kantar’s mobile operating system market share data. We see that Android has dropped in Spain of 87,8% 85.9%. At the same time iOS rises 3.2% and slashing 10%.

Why do we see this drop in Android? Are we facing a change of trend? Is there another explanation? I believe that there are several factors that point to this descent.

iPhone 6, a bestseller

First, data from Kantar included the launch of the iPhone 6. Leading Android terminals out several a year, of various brands. In fact we have a pattern in March-April, launches of Mobile World Congress, but there are also other important releases later in the year (LG, range Note from Samsung, Sony throwing two flagship per year and the Compact). I.e. There is no significant peaks in Android due to releases.

In contrast with Apple not same thing happens. Apple launches a unique phone (or a couple) a year. And the iPhone 6 was also an important change, not like last year launched the iPhone 5S and 5 c as a renewal of the 5, the change was less.

In addition with the iPhone 6 the size of the screen, has been increased with what is covered some gaps that had left outdated terminals. I mean, We have seen a very powerful launch of Apple, both for being the major renovation for two years and filled some gaps Android front. It is normal that they pick up sales with force even in a country as polarized as Spain.

If you have all the quota it is normal to lose it

The second important factor is that the market share of Android in Spain is brutal. It had a 87,8% last year. What is more normal, gain share or lose it? It is normal to lose share. And yet is still in an incredible 85.9%.

The competition is tough, both by iOS and Windows phone. And yet we see very small variations. Once a user is accustomed to a system is very difficult to get. And even if there is shopping in the stores of applications, since a change makes you lose all paid.

Is Android always the winner in Spain?

The mobile operating system market is mature enough. But you have to renew or die, and if not that is to say Blackberry. But if Google is doing things well, and with Android Lollipop seems that so it has been, it is normal that the variations are slight, affected by releases of Apple, that if.

For the time being I don’t go to any large movement of market shares in the coming years.