Android Marshmallow Doubles Its Share of Market in a Month

Note that since a few weeks ago has begun to reach the market for new devices with Android factory 6.0 as the successful Samsung Galaxy S7 and that more and more manufacturers are updating their devices, because in just one month Android Marshmallow It has doubled its market share.

According to new data from the distribution of updates just released Google, Android 6.0 Marshmallow goes from 2.3 per cent last month to the current 4,6% penetration in the market, which There are now twice as many devices with the latest version of Android that one month ago.

This month we also see as Marshmallow finally ahead of Gingerbread (2.6%) and Ice Cream Sandwich (2.2%). Marshmallow becomes the fourth most widely used version. The first version used is from last Lollipop now with 35.8%. The second most used version is KitKat with 33,4% and the third most widely used version is Jelly Bean with 21.3%. Only the two most recent versions of Android (5.1 and 6.0) gain market share.