Android N 7.0 Android Is According to a Samsung SDK

Two questions round us all about the next version of Android. The first, which has even been through Google Opinion Reward is in what to convert the N? But that really should matter because it is that theoretically affect the contents of the operating system with which number is associated?

According to some documents of Samsung developer, Android N is equivalent to Android 7.0. Mentions it with these words: “compatible with Android N (7.0).” With the amount of information that exist thanks to the preview which is already in macha already we were making us an idea, but so far no company had been wet in this regard.

It is not an official confirmation, nor much less, but there are a couple of reasons to take this role very seriously. The first is that the relationship between Google and Samsung is more than close, so there is no doubt that the Korean giant knows at this point what version of Android we have before us.

The second, by further refining, is that that document is the development kit for the devices multi-window function, we already know that it will also be in the next version of Android with full flexibility. What he says on his website, literally, is that SDK 1.3.1 of Samsung Multiwindow “has been released with support for Android N (7.0)”.

Reason to believe that Android is 7.0

What does it take for a numerical leap on Android? It is a debate that does not have a specific answer, but yes there are some approximate ideas. Is taken for granted that we are going to see a full numerical jump: Android L 5.0/5.1, Android M 6.0 and now Android N 7.0. Since the series number four with Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and KitKat not be returned to repeat that formula.

The preview version has shown us that brings a long series of improvements such as response on notifications and their grouping by app, new Doze mode on two levels or the own multi-view. All of them will help to improve the user experience. In addition to increased support for 8 Java, although the big change had been the language of open source Swift.

Even so, last year’s Hiroshi Lockheimer to Fast Company statements leave little doubt: “we have noticed that for the industry it is important to be predictable to a certain extent […] so we have come to this kind of big releases annual Cadence”. He said that It is good that you can predict what is going to happen in the coming years. While associated it only with the lyrics, to my I think it is also more predictable if each year takes a number.

And between one thing and another, it seems even more clear that, bring what you bring, Android is 7.0.


Android N Version Number Leaked By Samsung

Android N Version Number Leaked By Samsung