Android N Prepares for The 3D Touch

Native support for screens with pressure sensitivity is on the way. All indications are that the final version of Android N will be compatible with technology 3D Touch or Force Touch iPhone 6S becoming very popular.

Due to the high demand for manufacturers to implement 3D Touch on their Google devices is working so the manufacturers do not have to implement at their own way as they have had to Huawei, ZTE or Gionee. The only way that the 3D Touch triumph in Android is that application developers supports it officially, so if they will give support to this technology.

Fast action

Android N Preview 2 already announced us support of 3D Touch with the announcement of the Fast action. This innovation allows access from the icon of the application to a list of quick actions that we can do, as for instance to send a message to our contact favorite, go to our House from Maps, take a selfie or open a private browsing tab. Applications show in their quick actions most used functions and practices.

As no Nexus has a pressure sensitive screen Phandroid boys along with the developer of Nova have been able to implement your way quick actions in your application launcher adding a gesture of sliding on the icons of the applications that simulates the 3D Touch.