Android N Will Not Need Root to Calibrate The Screen Color

Those with a good eye for colors or by his profession or hobby they need one representation as faithfully as possible, the colors on the screen your mobile are in luck because Android N counts with a small tool intended for them.

In the section on customization of the interface of the Preview for developers of Android, you’ll find a section called Color and appearance, where you can kick-start the dark theme calibrate the screen color by adjusting the values of red, green and blue with a slider.

A reason less for root

Slowly Google will as being the reasons for that rootees your mobile, in this case letting you do natively rather than so far was only possible in some ROM or by applications that require root as F.Lux.

That Yes, the function to calibrate the Android screen is perhaps insufficient for more demanding users, because it contains no profiles or exact or numerical measurements of what are adjusting. Here the setting is Manual and “eye”, which can nevertheless be sufficient if you know what you’re doing.

The result is only visible to your eyes, so it is not visible in screenshots. If you emotions you too and low color so much that can not see anything on the screen, the system automatically reverts the previous configuration in 10 seconds, unless you confirm it.