Android Nougat Becomes The Car of The Hand of Fiat Chrysler

As already mark the tradition, the CES show in Las Vegas becomes the stage that marks the beginning of the technological year. Fiat Chrysler is one of the companies attending the event and it has taken advantage of this event to teach a new concept created in collaboration with Google and Android-based system for automotive.

At the beginning of November came the announcement of Android Auto for use in any car, but Fiat Chrysler proposal goes in the other direction and commitment to join the system interface for Volkswagen cars from the advantages offered by Google’s mobile platform.

The Uconnect interface with possibilities for Android

The first version of Android came in 2008 and today, more than eight years later, is the undisputed leading mobile platform, with almost 88% of global market share, which would. But Android wants to go beyond the mobile in recent times we have seen how Google’s mobile system also came to our TVs and more recently in cars with Android Auto.

But as we said, Fiat Chrysler solution is not based on Android Auto, if not that part of the premise proposed by Uconnect, an information and entertainment system designed exclusively for cars which now integrates with Android.

Fiat Chrysler maintains existing Uconnect, depending on the brand, intuitive interface while leverages the huge ecosystem that offers the Android platform. In addition, 7.0 Android is Nougat, so the system is compatible with Google Assistant. It also allows to run other apps like Maps, Spotify or Pandora and supported to listen radio stations and control elements of the vehicle as the air conditioner.

The concept of Android with Uconnect is exposed at the CES show in Las Vegas in a Chrysler 300 Sedan, but for now there is no clue about their arrival to permanently brand cars.