Anklet in Fashion

Is it really an eternal fashion? To see our latest fad, perhaps: the anklet. Long maligned as a fashion accessory a little corny, we think it is back on the front of the fashion scene. It firmly believes. Here’s why.

La Source Du Come-Back

The origins of the comeback of the anklet are multiple. Parade Louis Vuitton fall-winter 2015-2016, which took place in March already, the models wore anklets. But when we mark a trend on a podium, even if the collection is planned six months later, we try to apply it to the current season. It was also noted that the shoes presented at this Fashion Week are particularly worked around the ankle, with sets of laces, ending with pompoms for example. our next vacation is almost bet on the fact that Jenna Lyons, J.Crew’s artistic director will draw us anklets for summer 2016. But we will have the chance to talk before then.

And then, as confirmed Amélie Chabod, artistic director at Martine Leherpeur Tips, “maybe we can attribute the origin of this return to all this hippy trend and this wave breaking over 70s fashion right now. There were two films about Yves Saint Laurent last year that came out in France. It influences the visual world of the people, these resources Marrakech, these inspirations with Loulou de la Falaise, the incredible influence he had found in the East. The anklet, it belongs to all this a bit too. “Everything fits. Our fad therefore not come out of nowhere.

A real novelty?

For some, this return of ankle bracelet advocated by some girls of fashion would be a fashion collection which has been around for a long time. Justine Mauvin, professional surfer and face of the brand Wholesaleably, anklets are part of his “uniform” for years. “In winter it bothers with ankle boots but when sandals are back, I do not hesitate, especially barefoot. “According to her, this is the world of the sea which exerts an upward:” I do think that surfing the world can influence that fashion. ” Maud and Mary are not professional but are passionate about surfing, and they feel the same way. ankle bracelets, they bear for years. This fad, they do not really believe. For Mary, wearing an ankle bracelet is directly related to surfing. “I was in Morocco, Taghazout, a spot where tanners come to sell you braided leather bracelets of different colors super resistant. It puts the ankle to keep it and remember a time, and then after we almost forget and it is part of us, it’s a memory and belonging. “Whose side are they on? Maud does not hesitate for a second. “The right ankle is ritual I’d say. Silly little ritual because when I get in the water it is always the right foot first. Besides, soon I think make me a tattoo on the ankle with a shell fish pattern. ” There is nothing mandatory however. Any surfer has not an anklet so far! Justine Mauvin says “I do not say” she has an ankle bracelet is a surfer “. It can actually be associated to the sport but I think rather than wear an ankle bracelet must remain a personal approach, whether stylistic or symbolic. ”

The anklet, and after?

Leather, brass, seed beads, tassels … with or without the 2015 anklet has reinvented itself, it is not one we decried in the 90 Chabod Amélie Martine Leherpeur the Tips analysis with us and decrypts a real movement rather an epiphenomenon linked to an accessory: “we must look beyond the anklet back from me. After the cruise parade of Chanel Paris-Dubai incensed that an Orientalist aesthetic which could claim the anklet, there was the Givenchy fashion show for next winter where we could see these amazing faces of jewelry. Today, there is a fascination with hip hop queens. ” The best ambassador of this movement? The singer FKA Twigs sublime that her little hair pinning them on his forehead giving them a shape of a snail, called the “baby hair” and wearing jewelry in accumulation. Ankle bracelets, it must have been full. Maybe even right ankle.